Wednesday, March 5, 2008


NOPE, as far as I know, it’s NOT a form of the latest flu bug making the rounds near you… Just couldn’t resist a little frivolity at the expense of “Juan” RASSCAR pilot’s current plight

Yesterday I received the following story from Indiana Bureau Chief Danny B whom keeps threatening he’ll come out of his mid winter’s Blogger Hibernation and skeur us with some dazzling wit from his electronic writing utensil, fondly known to me as Ze Confuzer…

Any-hoo, the article in question was titled; A RASSCAR Career in Jeopardy to which I immediately made the ARSE-SUMPTION was somebody else, as my first guess was AJ “WALL-DINGER,” err Almendinger. To which I learned was in fact about Robby “Dirtman” Gourdoun…

And I know from past posts that Marc of Full Throttle will be MOST SADDENED by this tragic possibility, as I’m still scourin’ ze internets to find out if Gourdoun took up TMS’s Eddie “The GOOSE” Gossage on his $15k Helmet toss offer?

And I guess duh reason I thought it was Almendinger, was because I’d just read Jeff’s (My Name is IRL) story about how the current rookie crop of Indy Car stars gone South for the winter are teeterin’ on the edge of NOT making the vaunted bestest 35 RASSCAR pileto’s club and may have to start making ‘dem races the ‘Ol fashion way. Yep, uze guessed it, they’d actually have to qualify on their lap times instead of getting a free pass into the big dance.

And today’s the day that Dirtman’s “I know NOTHING… Err, NOTHING ‘Bout my Charger’s nose being outta wack… Honest Mr. Helton, Dodge sent me the WRONG nose… Please don’t make me pay $100,000 for me given my ‘Ol Ford Fusion a BAD nose job! Goes into the RASSCAR woodshed to see if he’ll be let off the hook for his infraction.

But hey, if Messer Gourdoun ‘s appeal is upheld, Robby’s threatening to take his Dodge’s away and come play in Tony’s sandbox, where we’d potentially have to watch him runnin' in the 500 this May, YIKES!!!

HMM? Wonder if Robby gourdoun Motorsports would pander the notion of preparing for a two car assault on the Speedway with MONSTER drinks cars for Robby 'N Paul “Chrome Horn” Tracy, eh?