Monday, March 24, 2008

Vasser at Long Beach

Last night on Wind Tunnel, Robin Miller scooped us all once again by noting that Jimmy Vasser would come out of his semi-retirement to drive in the Champ Car series finale at Long Beach.

Robin also told Dave Despain he should ask Jimmy if he was getting paid by Craig Gore. This was in regards to the acrimonious split between Gore and Derrick Walker, which had Miller sounding less than impressed by Gore’s scuttling of perennial Open Wheel Racing team owner Walker’s devotion to the sport. You can read more about the possible impending lawsuit here: Walker threatens to sue co-owner Gore

After the commercial break, Dave’s next guess was Jimmy Vasser who said it must be true if Robin says it, in regards to running at Long Beach. Vasser said he hopes to be one of the Really-Really-Really big announcements pending for the promotion of the Champ Car World Series farewell party.

Vasser was most politically correct over the Gore vs. Walker matter, saying he’d like them to both work it out, Gore’s done everything he’s promised and he know’s that Derrick didn’t go three years without any funding…

Jimmy would also like to see his hometown rival Paul Tracy in an Indy Car, but PT’s got some tricky legal waters to navigate.

And on the subject of Vasser and Cristiano Da Matta racing together at Laguna Seca in an upcoming Sports Car race later this year, Vasser in his best Kevin Kalkhoven “I KNOW NOTHING” voice, said that’s news to me Dave, but if it happens, it would be great and I don’t know where you’re getting your info from? To which Despain replied; Miller said it!