Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Sir Stirling Moss Speaks No More

Although I'd surmise that many today outside the UK Don't know who he was?

By now, presumably Y'all have heard of British Racing legend Sir Stirling Moss's passing on Easter Sunday, Righto?

Yet for Mwah, it's pretty Funny that the first thingy' that comes to mind is a very old post from the No Fenders Archives, now an Uber long 12yrs ago - when this Blog-site was in its infancy; Aye Karumba! As 'Ol Salt ex-Blogger Mark of Full Throttle Fame was giving me some good natured grief upon posting a picture of Stirling along with the story.

Whilst Mark was also responsible for christening Max Mosley Thee littlest Curve' in deferance to his Bondage Fascinations; Ja Volt! For whom I followed up by calling him Sir maXXam! But careful Y'all, as Max is a bit touchy over that subject Ja-Ja!

As it was my take upon a wonderful interview by Dave Despain on that long missed television Talk Show called Wind Tunnel which got scuttled during the mighty Fox Sports neutering of the Speed Channel; Sigh!

Since although Ye Mighty Windbag Messer Despain is still on the Airwaves, now on MAV TV, it's on a Freakin' Pay Channel on my Spectrum Cable TV Service, Alas I Don't get It! Since we All know how Overpriced Cable TV is these Days, El Correctomundo!

Although my favourite memory of Moss has to be upon walking past the mangled front bodywork of an extremely rare Shelby GT350R at the Monterey Historics that he'd crumpled against his opposition upon giving it the Rowdy Holmes treatment, as Moss’s solution to the crumpled front fender was to autograph it and simply walk away! (Although you’re NOT supposed to have any contact when Vintage Racing…) Whilst I no longer remember which Hystericals' event this was...

As Stirling raced during a time of Chivalry, when Formula 1 racecars ran in Thar Nation's colours sans thou litany 'O Sponsors! And Moss's overlying Dedication to keep a Stiff Upper Lip and Drive only British marques whenever possible seemingly cost him opportunities to become a Formula 1 World Champion, albeit I wasn't aware of his turning down somebody named Enzo initially!

Whilst Thar are countless tributes right now over Sir Stirling, and I was tempted to use Sir Jackie's, it was the remembrances of a Wee lad Idolizing him that paints a most wonderful portrait of Moss instead...

And although Stirling is best known for finishing runner-up or as Ye Bloody Brits enjoy calling Vice Champion four times while amassing 16 Grands Prix victories in 66 F1 Starts. Moss was an All-rounder' for which I'd say his mercurial 1955 Mille Miglia victory aboard a Mercedes Benz 300SLR, finishing 32mins ahead of Mercedes Benz team-mate Juan Manuel Fangio has to be his most impressive win.

And I also enjoy knowing the trivial fact that his father Alfred, a Dentist contested the 1924 Indianapolis 500 and finished 14th. Which I tend to recall it was Grizzled F1 Journo' Joe Saward telling me this in one of his myriad 'O F1 Fascinating Factoids.

Actually I first learned this fact when reading Donald Davidson's 1st edition massive Autocourse Book Detailing the History of the Indianapolis 500 many, many years ago...

While Stirling showcased his racing diversity by taking victory in the 1954 12 Hours of Sebring in a small displacement OSCA MT4 Sports Car with unheralded Yank' Co-driver  Bill Lloyd in a Briggs Cunningham entry. Just one of his Mega' 200+ victories over 500+ starts! Claiming a 40% Winning Average - Not too Shabby, Eh?

As Y'all can read a more Honed version of Sir Stirling's Motor Racing exploits in the following Obituary...