Tuesday, April 7, 2020

IndyCar, MotoGP continue Shuffling Schedules, Others to follow

As the COVID 19 Pandemic continues wreaking Havoc upon thou globe...

As you're well aware of, the Corona Virus is still in Full Force and continuing to impact All Avenues of life, including Motorsports. As IndyCar announced the cancellation of this year's Belle Isle Double-header yesterday.

Along with the News of further IndyCar Calendar revisions including two new Double Header events at Iowa and Laguna Seca plus a second event on Mother Speedway's Road Course to be called the Harvest Grand prix.

As the latter event at IMS will be held in conjunction with the previously scheduled 8 Hours of Indianapolis Intercontinental GT Challenge (IGTC) over the October 3-4 weekend. Which may also include the addition of the IMSA Weathertech SportsCar Championship's Belle Isle round that's also victim of the May 30-31 weekend's cancellation.

Meanwhile, Not Surprisingly comes word today that MotoGP has Postponed the next
two events in Italy and Spain, which are two of the Hardest Hit Countries by the COVID 19 Pandemic.

And I'd still hazard guessing that Germany and the Netherlands rounds will be next to be Postponed, along with the Inaugural Finnish MotoGP round at the KimiRing', but stay tuned, since I'm just guessing like everybody else...

Whilst Racer's 'Ol R', aka Robin Miller thou Curmudgeon of Indy Cars keeps us entertained as always with his Quarantined Humour...