Tuesday, April 28, 2020

A Prince, Slowhand' and A Pair of Ecclestone's

Ah, where's 'Ol Dirty Harry when Yuhs needs him to sort out this Sordid Tale? Like Did's I Fire Five Shots or Six? And I Didn't shoot No Deputy...

Yeah, you're probably All getting tired of my constant Droning on 'bout the never ending mist of Synchronicity Shrouding thoust Isle 'O Nofendersville...

But it's funny how it's constantly Zapping Mwah, akin to static electricity! Having just scribbled briefly 'bout 'Ol Slowhand, aka EC' or Eric Clapton being chummy with 'Ol Uncle Bernaughty, ergo Bernard Charles Ecclestone, and Shuhzamm!

Clapton's name first came alight for Mwah most recently when transfixed whilst reading; err listening to Pete Townshend's most enjoyable memoir Who I am, where he notes helping EC' battle his Heroin Addiction, including putting together a Benefit Concert  to entice Slowhand' back into making his Gee-Tar "Gently Weep!"

As this show was billed as The Rainbow Concert, appropriately taking place at London's newly anointed Rainbow Theatre in January 1973, in what originally was The Finns bury Park Astoria Cinema in 1930.

And was Billed as Clapton's Comeback concert following his playing Hiatus during this portion of his battling various Addictions...

Also having now just learned that The Who's Long Live Rock song was in Deference to a Concert at this cherished London landmark...

But that's just the Prequel to this No Fenders rant, since what Peaked'; Hmm? Where'd 'Ol Dan-Dan-Danicker' G-O? Whilst ironically thoust Disco Queen 'O IndyCar's was once Unflatteringly compared with kitchen Appliances by none other than that Dastardly Uncle Bernaughty! But I Digress...

Nope, what Peaked my interest in the Vanity Fair article was the inclusion of the name Ecclestone, albeit ultimately both Bernie and Petra play Supporting Roles in thou Sordid Tale of Forgeries!

As Petra Ecclestone, Bernie's youngest Daughter currently, since I've just learned his latest wife Fabiana Flosi is expecting to make the 89yr old former F1 Supremo a Poppa again, Yikes!

Hmm, somehow I cannot picture the 89yr old Billionaire getting his Hands Dirty changing Nappies'; Oh Never Mind!

Uhm, back to Petra who married a British Bloke named James Stunt Wayback in 2011, where none other than Slowhand' was one of the many musical guests at the couple's Fairytale wedding that Bernie shelled out $19 million for; Aye Karumba!

As Petra wanted to have the Biggest, Splashiest Mansion in La-La Land' for the couple - Shilled out $85m in Cash, Sight Unseen for The Manor! Reportedly Los Angeles's largest home at a whopping 57,000 square feet and formerly the home of Aaron and Candy Spelling. Petra subsequently sold the property in 2019 for nearly $120m.

Petra also introduced Hubby Jimbo' into thou rarefied world of Art, whom reportedly took like A Duck to Water in not only learning about the masters, i.e.; Rembrandt, Monet, Dali, Picasso, etc, but also began his passion for collecting and profiting upon Art acquisitions.

Yet how the mighty fall, Eh? Since after Petra Divorced James in 2017, the Billionaire has seen his world come ah-crashin' Down mightly, for which not surprisingly he Blames Uncle bernaughty!

But Y'all are saying where does the Prince come into this? And Prince Who?  Well that's where the story get's juicy for Mwah, as Messer Stunt who claims to be a good Buddy of the Prince of Whales, a bloke named Charles is Arse-sumedly now Persona Non Grata with Thee Prince!

As Stunt, for which some are claiming his last name is most apropos for this Caper! Began by James loaning 17 pieces of cherished Artwork to Prince Charles Prince's Foundation Charity, for which several pieces were promptly put on display at Dumfries House in Scotland in prominent locations.

Yet Scandal Broke out in Fall, 2019 when that British Rag The Daily Mail Broke the Headlines that Prince Charles had been Scammed! With four pieces of this loaned collection being Fakes!

And although James called Bernie and Petra Nasty Names during the Divorce proceedings,
including calling Bernie a nasty four letter C-word in court! Alas, once again Uncle Bernaughty who's No Stranger to Court Trials comes out Smelling like a Rose!

As who did James think he was Dealing with? As Ecclestone Senior's Nom de Plume "the Teflon Man" should have been warning enough! After all didn't he know that Bernie Bought his way out of a Bribery Trial in Germany for a cool $100 million when?

Whilst obviously Nobody pulls A Fast One upon the Royal Family! As long live Rock indeed!