Sunday, April 12, 2020

AUTOS: A Few, latest Easter Bunny Nuggets from Big to Small

Fiat Chrysler's 2020 50th Anniversary Dodge SRT Hellcat Wide Body Daytona pays Homage to those legendary NASCAR Superbirds. (Image source:
Since like always, be kind to those Chocolate Bunnies and Thar Ears! And save me some Cadbury eggs along with some Husky Chocolates...

Otay Kiddoes', it's been a few years now since I've poonded' out an Oh, So clever No Fenders tome revolvin' round Ye Easter Bunny. Which I originally thought the last one centered round the iconic hues of Ye celebrated John Player Special theme livery, Y'all know black 'n gold...

Hence this momentary Day Trip down Ye Wabbithole concerning Loti's and Messer Bond naturally caused me to include this year an article from Car & Driver revolving around the forthcoming No Time to Die movie, reportedly coming to your Big Screen movie Theatre this April, but I'm guessin' we'll have to wait awhile now, since the COVID 19 Pandemic's currently sweeping thou Globe. So I'd guess it'll be a Summer release at earliest, Eh?

As the article centers round Bond, James Bond most iconic vehicle, the classic Aston Martin DB5, for which apparently eight replicas were crafted for the film, in which the author John Pearly Huffman got behind the wheel of said DB5 "Continuation" Coupe and took one for a Spin.

Another vehicle for which is as Astronomically challenging for many of us as a DB5, and definitely Won't fit in Ye Easter Basket, albeit will most certainly make Mincemeat outta that green grass filling Thee bottom of the basket with its paltry 717 Horsepower, Yikes!

Although Y'all will most definitely wanna pack some more grass filling in Dem' Baskets to keep your Cadbury Eggs from getting Mushed when makin' those Jack Rabbit starts from Stoplight-to-Stoplight; Hya!

As the latest in Dodge's ostentatious High Horsepower Hellcat V-8's is the recently released 2020Dodge SRT Hellcat Wide Body Daytona!

As apparently the fine Folks at Dodge, or is it Fiat Chrysler? Have stolen a page outta the now somewhat forgotten GM Castoff Pontiac. Who once ran a marketing campaign round Wider's Better! With its Wide Track Pontiac Grand Prix, Aye Karumba!

Yet Good Luck finding one of these very elusive limited edition DayToner's, for which Dodge is only producing 501 examples, just like the original production run was in 1969 to meet NASCAR's Homologation rules. With the Car & Driver article, like many stories I listen to was via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service, which I think said the lowest example they found was selling for just north of $113,000 Greenbacks!

While it's certainly Not the Easter Bunny's Fault! But apparently one Hapless SRT Hellcat Daytona Owner's laid a Rotten Egg! And reportedly only had two-thirds the mileage on his brand new Dodge Daytona for which the vehicle pays Homage to a legendous Roundy-Round Race...

And although Thars' Ah-plenty available on eBay, ranging from $29.99 to $99.99, I couldn't Discern what types 'o vehicles are utilized for the just released Hot Wheels Led Zeppelin Set of 5 Collector's edition, which Arse-sumedly thoust makers 'o miniature vehicles is pullin' upon our Heartstrings regarding Classic Rock legends, Righto?

Or may be the remaining members of Zeppelin simply wanted to Cash In? Or have some extra Dinero in Thar Bank Accounts in case the just concluded Stairway to Heaven song's lawsuit went South?   

As I never could find out what vehicles are used in the aforementioned Led Zeppelin Hot Wheels set, but did stumble across an article alleging that the Band's legendous' Drummer John Bonham was an avid Car Collector.

Hopefully I've Nabbed the correct image of 'Ol slowhand's One-off custom SP-12 EC Ferrari. (Image source:
Naturally this Led Zeppelin and John Bonham conjecture got me Ah-Thinkin' of British Rockers. And I immediately thought of 'Ol Slowhand', aka EC' or formally known as Eric Clapton, who I've known is a Mega Scuderia Ferrari Fanatic, and quite Chummy with 'Ol Uncle Bernaughty. When he was seen on Thy Telie' Schlepping round Grands Prix Grids with Messer Bernard Charles Ecclestone!

Which made me wonder if I could unearth any Easter Nuggets regarding his Car Collection? for which I found an interesting, somewhat lengthy article chronicling 20 of his gems, including the aforementioned $4.7m SP12-EC!

And although certainly not his biggest Hit Song, I'll throw in the following tune since it sez' something 'bout '57 Chevy's. did Yuhs catch It?

Whilst I'll leave Y'all with another of my Hit Renditions 'O Easter lore, which also revolves round various legendous' rockers as Thee Sarge', nee Kenny Sargent of Speed Freaks Fame would say...

Alas, after having Lucy', my trusty 'Ol Screen Reading lass' read me my first two No Fenders Rockers 'N Cars tomes to Mwah, I realized I've left out the somewhat lesser known member of that Texas Crunch' Rock trio ZZ Top. Ironically the only member not sporting one of those famous "Hair Pieces," nee Beards!

although it'd probably be detrimental to playing his Drum Kit, since I do know that Wayback in 1993, Thar Drummer Frank Beard contested the 24 Hours of Daytona aboard one of those ubiquitous Porsche 911 Panzerwagons, How-How-How!