Sunday, April 1, 2018

A Few Musical Nuggets to fill Your Easter Basket

Sir Elton John sent his 1985 Bentley Continental Convertible, which starred in his Nikita song video to Auction in 2015. (Image source:
Ooh, Oh goody', aren't those some of them overly Sweet Cadbury Eggs? Mmm-Mmm, Sprinkles...

Every year, when the season opening Formula 1 race Down Under comes round, I wistfully opine 'bout crafting another Oh, so clever No Fenders post revolving around various Australian Bands Mates. Featuring the likes of the Little River Band, Midnight Oil, INXS, Tommy Emmanuel, Dead Can Dance, Men at Work and Oh Yeah, those Heavy Metal Rockers Acka-Dacka... (AC/DC)

But instead, I'll fill your rapidly shrinking Easter basket with a few other nebulous Musical Chickadees' about Musicians with varying Car connections. Some as Racing Drivers, others as just Aficionados and some just Bridging the Gap. Even if Y'all Don't get how I arrived at these loose connections.

As it's The Freaks' Fault, led by Thar' lead Headbanger' Kenny Sargent, who've introduced me to this Cross-pollination of when Rockers meet Racing...

While I just remembered that Acka-Dackas' lead singer Brian Johnson contested the 2012 Rolex 24, along with Elliot Forbes Robinson as one of his #50 Riley-BMW Daytona Prototype's Co-Drivers.

Having last paid Attenzione to Johnson's 50+ Racing Team's endeavours back in 2016, when Dorsey Schroeder filled in as his substitute as AC/DC was on World Tour that year.

Whilst another Quintessential British Rocker is the acclaimed Sir Elton John, who's latest ride to have recently gone under the Hammer was an Over the Top Aston Martin.

With another of Sir Elton's countless rides, a 1985 red Bentley Continental convertible used in the video for his Top 10 Song Nikita, from his Ice on Fire album having been auctioned off in 2015...

As the Maestro of the Ivories isn't new to the Car Collecting Fad, since I wasn't aware he'd somewhat quietly auctioned off twenty of his cars at Christie's, Wayback in 2001 for a Cool $2m, simply since he didn't have time to Drive 'em All; CRIKEYS!

And I've known about one Drummer who became a racing driver for years now. And ultimately raced briefly in Formula 1. For which Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward gives a brief account of in his past Winter's Fascinating F1 Facts series.

While how many of Y'all know that Motley Crue's Front Man Vince Neil briefly raced in Indy Lights? For which I've regaled Yuhs about Wayback in the Autumn of 2012, which serves as the impetus for this latest rendition of racing Musicians.

Having also mentioned a former Indy 500 winner's Side Project previously. Yet I'd never heard Kenny Brack's Band's Legends of The Speedway song devoted to his former Boss A.J. Foyt before...

Also several years ago, after having learned of Tommy "Slim" Borgudd, I subsequently learned about a second Jazz musician, a trumpet player who actually formed his own Band cleverly named Johnny Claes and the Clae Pigeons.

As Messer John Claes contested the inaugural modern day Formula 1 race at Silverstone in May, 1950, flying the Belgium flag during his brief F1 career.

And lastly, as I was reading up upon Sir Elton's career,, I wasn't aware that he and 'Ol Slow Hand', better known as Eric Clapton, or simply EC', had recorded a Duet called Runaway Train together Wayback in the early '90's. With Elton subsequently performing on Clapton's World Tour.

As how can I forget Clapton schlepping upon multiple Formula 1 Grids wearing a signature Fly Yellow, or should that be Canary? Scuderia Ferrari polo with Uncle Bernaughty as his personal Sherpa...

Whilst I seem to recall that another Gee-tar' player named Mark Knopfler broke his arm when riding a motorcycle...