Tuesday, April 17, 2018

F1: New "magic" Haas chassis causing Ferrari clone Kerfuffle!

As when's a Haas Not a Ferrari copy?

By now, Y'all have most certainly heard the Bellyaching over this year's Haas VF-18 being a virtual copy of last year's Ferrari, which is what Fernando Alonso deemed it recently Down Under', noting it was a replica of la Scuderia's SF70H.

While the most vocal critics have been the rival Force India F1 Team, which I'd say was somewhat to legitimate intent, especially since Thar' one of the few, if only? Remaining true Bonified Minnowesqe Formula 1 Constructors continuously struggling to stay afloat.

But the issue of Chassis Cloning isn't new, since this nefarious subject keeps rearing its Ugly Head, which I thought had died down after the initial Haas Schism in 2015.

Since although Haas hasn't broken any rules by the letter of the "Law," i.e.; FIA's current Regulations, nonetheless for Mwah, Haas isn't a true Constructor in the sense of the spirit of the Sport. Which entails each team constructing its own, entire chassis by itself.

As this cozy parts sharing arrangement between Dallara, Ferrari and Haas seems to be leading to a virtual Mudslide down  the Slippery Slope towards Customer Chassis, which always leads to consolidation inevitably Spec Series racing, a la Indy Cars.

That said, it would be nice to see Formula One's Car Count increase, to a healthy, robust 24 cars competing, or Hell, reaching the FIA's current ceiling of 13 Bonafied F1 Teams with 26 cars taking the green flag; Err lights on a regular basis.

Which is why I find toto Wolff's latest comments a little bit perplexing, albeit I suppose I can see this as a slight towards the rumoured Cost Capping of the Future, Eh?