Friday, April 13, 2018

Yo IndyCar Live Timing & Scoring, Here's Your Bleepin' Code!

I'm Sorry, you must provide us your Email Contact Information so We Can Mine your Data and send you countless, USELESS, Stupid 'N Annoying Spam emails!


Talk 'bout I-T being Friday the 13th! As my overly rough and Bizarre Day just got even WEIRDER! when I reluctantly decided to attempt logging onto's CRAPPY, Annoying and Half Baked "Live" Timing & Scoring Webpage to catch the last half of today's Long Beach's second practice session; HA-HA-HA! PSYCHE! As I was immediately greeted by the following KILLJOY BUZZ SAW Message!

"In order to watch Live Timing & Scoring, please enter your information below. If you have already registered and visiting on a new device, please enter your code in the "already have a verification code" section below. You must be able to access the inbox of the email address entered below."


Uhm, Newsflash! I'm FUCKING BLIND!!! Ergo I CANNOT read your STUPID ASS "Verification" Code!

As I've been putting up with accessing your Po-Dunk Webpage for Several Years Now, with constantly Dumping transmissions on the SAME Computer for eternity now! So why are you suddenly Denying a longtime Fan access Along with Never having been Subjugated to this BULLSHIT Before!

Like is the Play Button over here? Over Thar? No Play button today, NO! It's the Itsy-Bitsy, Teeny-Weenie Yellow triangle on an Orangish-green screen Background over Thar. No, a little further over to the right, keep going...

 What? You cannot SEE I-T? Are you Blind or Somme-thun?

As Congratulations IndyCar, Here's Your Sign! As I do NOT want to hear one 'lil thingy' about your Web Traffic being Down, Yuhs think? As you've just LOST some of your precious Web Clicks' traffic bait from a very longtime, and now PISSED OFF FAN!