Monday, April 9, 2018

F1: Disraeli Gears, Aero Blather, ESPN's Circus Clowns, Liberty Media's Paper Tiger's 'N Jackals abound

The Formula 1 Circus comes to Town, but I'm not sure Which of Liberty Media's Dudley Duo is leading the Parade. Chevy Chase or Brickity Bratches? (The Tomaso Collection)
Hurry-Hurry-Hurry, The Show's about to Begin! Uhm, Can You See Us Now? How 'bout Now, Oh Crap! G-O To Commercial! But the Presenters are talking... I said G-O to Commercial Now By Gummit!

As I Don't wanna say ESPN's television coverage is Horrendous, but! When's the last time Yuhs saw a Television Network apologize?

While one of the Drivers growing upon thou the "moistest," previously known as Max Dutchboy' Verstappen, and whom No Fenders F1 Spotter Jeannie still refers to as "The Brat!" Continues scoring points with Mwah, with his accurate, blunt and honest comments to the media.

"Clowns to the left of Me, Jokers to the Right,
Here I am, Stuck in the Middle with You, again"

Whilst No Fenders Artiste Dave', Dave's Not Here; Oh Brother! Who created the AWESOME No Fenders logo for Mwah, posed an interesting Questione when recently having a Chin-wag' over the season's first race.

As he asked me Somme-thun' I've never ever pondered. Asking if I thought the teams purposely made their respective cars "Dirty Air" so ferocious on purpose to "block" Thar competitors?

Which he asked after I'd tried explaining how none of the similarly "Top Notch" chassis, i.e.; Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull could pass one another due to the extreme aerodynamic Turbulence being caused by the current FIA Design Regs'. (regulations)

As I find Ross Brawn, now Liberty Media's Technical Guru's statement 'bout NO real solution to Aerodynamics 'til 2021 to be BULLSHIT!

Like Yuhs mean we're stuck with watchin' the same, crappy, unable to Pass racing format for another two years? Bloody Hell!

Since for Mwah, it would be super easy to say that one unexpected affect of Halo is the increased aerodynamic vortexes spilling off the rear bodywork...

Although Me Thinks like other's smarter have said, it's a Downforce issue. As just look at the new 2018 Dallara IndyCar...
As I spent the entire Aussie' weekend hearing 'Ol Billybob', nee Martin Brundle prattle on vociferously 'bout the Dirty Air! As Thars' Dirty Air coming off the car, causing Turbulence. With Brundle also mentioning how the Force India cars only had one set a piece of their latest Australia-spec Bodywork. And that if Yuhs break one single piece, the entire kit has to be replaced, as the Aero Bits are that sensitive...

Whilst I don't know 'bout Y'all, but I'm already quite tired over the continuous prattling on 'bout Lewis Hamilton v Sebastian Vettel in the "Race for Five." And the continuous Wankering On 'bout how one of them will equal the legendous' Juan Manuel Fangio.

Seriously? Why is the media Fawning over the two Biggest Arseholes on the Grid! As perhaps I'm wrong, especially since I once wore Michael Schumacher Rose tinted glasses, but. I cannot ever remember Herr Skewmacher' whining like a spoiled rotten baby over his In-car radio, let alone telling race officials to G-O FUCK THEMSELVES!

Also cannot recall the late, great Ayrton Senna taking to such childish antics publicly...

And I totally realize it's a completely different era, but Seriously? Is Golden Child' or 'lil Sid Viddle' as great as El Maestro? Aka :El Chueco," nee Juan Manuel Fangio, who didn't begin his Formula 1 career until nearing his 39th birthday! Before retiring just weeks after turning 47.

And El Maestro's winning percentage aboard cars much more physically demanding is simply staggering, notching 24 wins in a scant 51 starts, equals a skosh over 47%!

Not to mention his prowess aboard Tintops and Sports Cars, having won the 12 Hours of Sebring twice, not to mention very will having won the 1955 24 Heurs du Mans before tragedy struck his Mercedes team-mate Pierre Levegh! Who was attempting to move over for Fangio when approaching slower traffic.

As Fangio was chasing Jaguar's eventual winner Mike Hawthorn, who was then leading the race.

Along with having finished runner-up twice, along with a third and fourth place finish in the brutal Mille Miglia., Not to mention winning the deadly Carrera Panamericana, piloting a single seater Lancia D24 in 1953!

And to Think Poor Lewis is Shaking Inside...

Meanwhile previously, Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward bemused us All about how if one was to simply consider utilizing the noted time increase per lap on Pirelli's various rubber compounds, then wait for It! Kevin Bacon' Magnussen in the much Ballyhooed Haas VF-18 was one of the fastest cars overall during the vaunted Winter Testing.

But per Tipicali, One race or Two; Hmm? What's that 'Ol saying 'bout One lump or Two? Oh Never Mind... As like Joe, who knows F1. I'm inclined to not read too much into any Tea leafs after either thou annual F1 "winter Olympics" or just the first two races of the year. But then again,

"On A Boat in the Middle of a Raging Sea,
She would Make a Scene for It All to be, Ignored!
and Wouldn't You be Floored?"

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