Monday, April 23, 2018

MOTO GP: Marquez keeps His Mega' Winning Streak Intact in America!

Ah, once again, I've been Snookered by the good 'Ol Internets, which is what happens when Yuhs Don't do your Own Research...

By now, if you're a MotoGP Fan, then Y'all know that the rider I now refer to as "The Pinball Wizard!" Marc Marquez won again at the Circuit Of The Americas (COTA) for his sixth time in-a-row, having started from Pole all six times; Aye Karumba!

And yes! I'm aware that he rolled off from P4 this year, but that was after being given a three place penalty for impeding Maverick "Top Gun" Vinales - after having won the Pole position...

Whilst I should have known Somme-thun' was Amiss when doin' my ryth-Muh-tickin' over just how many consecutive races Marquez has won in Americre', especially when typing how he'd won All three events on U.S. soil during his Rookie campaign in 2013, which was Laguna Seca's final MotoGP event.

But Alas, without mentioning at least one reporter's name I know I took his erroneous statistic from, albeit Thar were others I mistakenly believed. Contrary to what I wrote previously. This year's COTA victory was only Marquez's tenth consecutive MotoGP victory in America. And eleventh in-a-row including his 2012 Moto 2 victory at Indianapolis before graduating to the B-I-G BOYZ' premiere MotoGP class...

As I now feel 99% Certain I've gotten Marquez's current Win Streak tally in Americre' correct, with the 25yr old Spaniard having won the following events...

American Victory Tally
Venue: Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Category: Moto 2
Year: 2012

Venue: Circuit Of The Americas
Category: MotoGP
Years: 2013-2018

Venue: Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Category: MotoGP
Years: 2013-2015

Venue: Laguna Seca Raceway
Category: MotoGP
Year: 2013