Tuesday, April 7, 2020

MOTO GP: Further 2020 Season Postponements Continue while A Potential Future Star Waits in the Wings

As the 2020 MotoGP Season continues to Freefall, along with every Motor Racing series on the Planet...

Not surprisingly, especially as Spain's currently ravished by the Dreadful COVID 19 Pandemic, the Hoped for Season Opening round at Jerez slated for May 3rd has been Postponed until a New Date can be Confirmed, along with the rest of the 2020 MotoGP Calendar being continuously updated.

As I can only Speculate that the earliest the season will now begin will be on June 21st at Germany's Sachsenring, but I'd hazard that's fairly optimistic also. As I Don't see how France: Le Mans Bugati Circuit; 5/17,  Italy: Mugello; 5/31 or Spain's Barcelona June 7th rounds preceding that Date will happen presently. Or if the Dutch round at Assen TT will retain its current June 28th Date?

Meanwhile, back in Qatar where the Moto2 and Moto3 Classes were the Headliners after the March 8th MotoGP Season Opener was Cancelled, a relative unknown Yank' Moto2 Kneedragger emerged, by stunningly claiming what presumably was his Maiden Moto2 Pole Position.

As the rider in Questione is named Joe Roberts, for which Motorsport Magazine's Crack Reporter Matt Oxley coyly notes in his article is Not related to "The King" Kenny Roberts, which Arse-sumedly would be a natural conclusion, Righto?

Although like its premiere class MotoGP, it's lower tier supporting Acts are now also in "Suspended Animation" and we'll have to wait awhile to see how Joe gets on with the remainder of the calendar when it resumes. And N-O! No JoeMentum' Jokes Here!

As it would be great to have another American in MotoGP, which it seems quite Silly that Thar Aren't any presently, since presumably it's one of the largest Motorcycle segments, or surely one of its most important Markets...

As presumed, MotoGP has now officially Postponed the French round at Le Mans Bugati Circuit indefinitely, as the Calendar cannot even be truly considered until the COVID 19 Pandemic is under control. As look for Italy's Mugello round to be Postponed next.

While if I had to guess, which is the only thing Anybody can do for the time being. I'd say that the August 9th Czech Republic round at Bruno will be the earliest realistic shot for resuming motorcycle racing, but then again that's just total speculation on my part...