Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Kyle Larson's Biggest Mistake!

OMG! Bring Us your Steering Wheel Kyle, You're Fired!

As Y'all know, I simply cannot keep up or try to - with the Nonstop 24/7 News Cycle 'O Motorsport, especially since Racing Never Sleeps; But I Digress...

Surely everybody knows by now of Kyle Larson's Gynormous Stupidity! For which I really cannot add anything that hasn't already been said, other than his actions were totally unwarranted, and probably Double since He should have been just providing some brief entertainment for Everybody currently languishing in thoust COVID 19 Pandemic Lockdown, especially on Easter Sunday! But at least CGR, NASCAR and Larson's Sponsor's are All taking the appropriate actions...

Kyle Larson Suspended Without Pay by Chip Ganassi Racing following Racial Outburst during Virtual Race

First and Foremost, I am Absolutely in No way, shape or form condoning or excusing Kyle Larson's use of the N-Word during the Monza Madness virtual race which we All know has ultimately led to his Firing by Chip Ganassi Racing after almost everyone of his sponsors, beginning with McDonald's and Credit One walked away from Larson, which reportedly tied Cheeps' Hands into making the move.

Interestingly, Ganassi was rumoured to be expected to be engaged in a Bidding War presumably at season's end to retain Larson's services who was set to explore Free Agency.

Also according to a New York Times article I listened to via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service, Kyle apparently had a reputation for being quite the Prankster, reportedly having once accused Hendricks Motorsports of Cheating and then recently having rubbed Chip the wrong way after making a video of him and Denny Hamlin colliding Shopping carts together in a Grocery store after the pair had tangled On-track, to which Ganassi said wasn't funny.

Thus one has to wonder if this was just convenient "cover" to Dump the Budding 27yr old NASCAR Star Driver in the current Economic Downturn the World's currently in?

As somehow I'm guessing that if Ross Chastain gets the ride whenever RASSCAR' returns to real Honest-to-Goodness On-track racing? His salary will be much lower than what Ganassi would have had to spend to keep Larson for 2021 and beyond...

But like I said, Kyle's choice of word was totally inappropriate, even if he thought he was just Joking around with his White Spotter, for which I've got zero clue if they're Friends, Buddy's or what?