Thursday, April 30, 2020

AUTOS: Droning on 'bout Rolls Royces

John Lennon’s mostly forgotten Psychedelic Rolls Royce Phantom V. (Image source:
As I'd sure like having that Tommy-mobile' as my personal chariot! Now if I could just find some change in thou Bloody seat cushions, Chuh-Ching! Or should that be Tilt? Especially since I Ain't No Bloody Pinball Wizard...

Suppose it's largely due to having read; Err listened and then just serenaded Y'all with my epic No Fenders Who I Am tome regarding The Who's Pete Townshend that I had those somewhat faded Rolls Royces Customized by British Rockers on thou Noggin', Eh?

Although it turned out to be the Band's Frontman roger Daltrey instead of Messer Townshend who'd been asked to put his personal touches upon not one, but two Rolls Royce Wraiths, for which once again thoust world 'O FauxNetics' initially Fooled Me! Since Lucy' coos Wraiths like Raifs to Mwah, causing me to get Fooled Once Again; Hya!

As it's the Tommy-mobile' Wraith that most interests Mwah, for which was Auctioned off for Charity Wayback in 2017, reportedly fetching some $208,000+ Quid; Err Gory Sterling Pounds for The Teenage Cancer Trust. For which both of Messer Daltrey's customized Wraiths benefitted this Charity.

Whilst on a side note, I find it entertaining to Mwah how refreshing I find The Who's A Man in A Purple Dress song, which seems virtually new since it Ain't ever played upon Ye Radio, even if it's now nearly 14 years old, Yikes! 

But try finding out any definitive information on the entire collection of nine One-off' Rolls Royce Wraiths to be completed. With the only other pair being mentioned in the original Car and Driver magazine's article on thou initial batch 'O four being by Ray Davies of The Kinks and Giles Martin, son of Sir George Martin - known by some as Thee Fifth Beatle...

Since it's Sad that nearly three years later after having first learned of this project via said Car and Driver article, that I cannot find out anything substantive further on who the other five Wraiths were done by? Other than I did spot something mentioning The Stones Ronnie Woods being involved in this project...

Yet customized Rolls Royces-- aren't exactly anything new, since I immediately Flashed Back upon Arguably the most famous customized Rolls, having actually seen it in Thy Flesh in my younger years! 'Ol John Lennon's Psychedelic Rolls royce Phantom V on Display at Expo '86 Up North Eh! In Bloody Vancouver, BC.

As I'm not sure which is worse?  The fact that somewheres' 34yrs later in another Shoebox in Thy Bungalow by The Sea languishes that paper Passport Book given to everybody with blank pages to stamp All the Exhibits you'd visited. Which naturally Lennon's Rolls Royce made thou Cut. Uhm, Passed Ye Audition, Eh!

Or having attended on what unbeknownst to Mwah And Snowbyrd MJ' would be the event's largest single day crowd of 212,000 Gory Spectators; Aye Karumba!

Since somehow, I Don't think those Days are coming back Anytime Soon, Eh?