Monday, March 30, 2020

No Fenders Still Stuck in Scrutineering

Damn, is he still Bangin' On 'bout not being able to S-E-E the Gory Confuzer Screen?

So I had Zero Idea if I'd be Up 'N Running on the New and Cough-Cough, BULLSHIT! winDOUGHS 10 Confuzer', as Randal, thy Moniker King 'O No Fenders calls 'em by now, when I originally Uploaded an earlier rendition 'O this riveting No Fenders Post whilst trying to buy myself some more time to suss Out why I cannot get a fully functioning PC up 'N running, as Zoomtext 2020 simply refuses to cooperate!

As Amazingly, I feel like I Haven't Passed Pre-Race Tech Inspection Yet; Aye Karumba!

Since by now, if you're still reading No Fenders, which I obviously appreciate... Then you're All Painfully Aware of my never ending Computer's Technical Issues. For which I've definitely been Battlin' my own Cement Mixer lumpy virtual racetrack trying to transition to thou won-won-wonderful world 'O winDOUGHS 10; SHIT! Silly Me, I thought Technology was supposed to improve things? Especially for those of us who are Blind or  Visually Impaired.

And I realize Thars a far more Serious Issue sweeping thou globe right now known as the Corona Virus or COVID 19 Pandemic Killing people Daily! So I'm obviously somewhat reluctant to prattle on 'bout my computing technical issues further overall. but am simply trying to bring to light the issues facing a mostly unseen and unheard of population, when the world's attempting to transition to an overly Online Intensive attitude towards life today.

As I fear nobody's speaking up or looking out for those of us with Disabilities at this most critical time. As seriously? Why does it take a lawsuit against one of  Americres' myriad 'O Corporations to insist that their menus are Screen Reader friendly? Which certainly Y'all have read 'bout in our "Fair & Balanced" Mainstream Media by now, El Correctomundo?

As I live in a world that trumpets my living independently as a Blind person, ergo I therefore rely Totally upon fully functioning Screen Reader technology, along with Software programmes that are easily navigable via said screen reader, for which after a month's time, I'm still stuck at Square One when trying to comply with Microsoft's mandate to upgrade to their Pain in Ye Keister winDOUGHS 10 Operating, Cough-Cough; Platform...

As I've grown so Disillusioned by this experience, not to mention the large monetary outlay for a really expensive Paper Weight currently sitting on my Desk! That I bemoaned to Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen that I partially feel like saying FUCK I-T! Regarding Blogging anymore. To which she quickly, and rightly pointed out that I enjoy writing my eclectic thoughts and what will I do if I stop?

Yet with the Oregon Governor's Order to Stay Home and Shelter as much as possible, regardless of what that Brilliant "visionary" 'O Grandeur in thoust White House believe will happen if we just stay positive, cross our fingers and say Thars No Place like Uhm? Then perhaps the Easter Bunny will bring us All Marshmallow Peeps, Chocolate Bunnies and Oodles 'N Oodles of Rainbows and Sunshine; Oh Never Mind!

Therefore, as I've previously mentioned, for the time being I've reverted back to my Trusty 'Ol Windows 7 machine.., and will No longer Bang On 'bout my Technical Issues or post Notes about my Posted Content to No Fenders being slightly outdated. Instead I'll just focus upon playin' Ketsup with what's been on my collective Radar and floating in the Surf and Bobbing about Ye Isle of Nofendersville lately, and like always just scribble 'bout what I feel like doing so instead.

Which although may not be current, my world after nearly 35yrs of intensely following Motorsports, primarily Open Wheel Racing, finds that there's almost always some racing connection to whatever I'm interested in, or like a recent Six Degrees 'O Kevin Bacon-itus', or should that be Bacon bitz'; Botta-Boom! On social Media, Groan! Thars typically some racing connection within easy reach, except when I take a break for Sanity's Sake...   

As I'll leave Yuhs with another melody relating to a topic I'll soon attempt tackling now that I'm back to busily poondin' my nucels' Bloody whilst staying inside - when I can SEE the Gory Confuzer Screen! And will briefly explain my current British Classic Rock Band's Obsession, which centers round Thar lead guitarist...

Nah, No Lucille Jokes today, especially now that The Gambler's just played his last Hand! But Thanks for your continued patience and continuing to follow along...