Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Throwing Cold Water on Racing Season's Start!

Contrary to popular belief, Nope! No Fenders Scribe Tomaso Didn't win this Beautiful Black Lamborghini at the recently held Mecum Auctions in Glendale, AZ, but instead just Oogled over it outside the Penske Racing Museum in Scottsdale last Fall. (The Tomaso Collection)
Although it's for good reason that Sports has been Suspended currently...

Author's Note
As you may be painfully aware of, albeit I'm quite aware of how far more serious  the current Corona Virus is Worldwide! Nevertheless, this is just a hopefully Quick Jot' as Grizzled F1 Journo Joe Saward would muse...

This story, as many lately here in thoust queue upon Thy Mythical Isle 'O Nofendersville was conceived in the midst of my never ending Confuzer' Technical Difficulties now going on a month's time - and thus is slightly Dated

as I've now once again reverted back to Ye Trusty ‘Ol winDOUGHS 7 Puter’ indefinitely to Ride Out the Storm, as I like the rest of my fellow Oregonians begin Day-1 of our Statewide Shelter 'N Stay Home Directive.

Thanks for your patience and continuing to Read No Fenders…

For Mwah, I found it most amusing how my TV Guide was ah-changing' over the course of the intended March 15th season opening weekend's rounds of Open Wheel Racing.

As I finally, reluctantly decided to watch; Err listen to last year's Indianapolis 500 which was supposedly taking the place of the cancelled St Pete IndyCar Opener according to my Zap2it' TV listings.

As I simply Didn't believe I'd be able to stomach Dan-Dan-Danicker' talking 'bout herself for the three and a half hours taped broadcast! Since I deliberately chose to listen to the 103rd running of the Indy 500 last year via 107.7FM The Fan, WFNI Indianapolis via Zed Internetz' with Mark Gravley' James at Ye Helm instead!

Yet I was pleasantly surprised when Tunin' in to find that they'd decided to Default back to last year's St Pete event instead, which meant N-O Danica, HURRAH!

Although if Ye Elder Statesman 'O IndyCar Bloggers can critique Lee Diffey for being too Loud when Yelling Euphorically during Broadcasts.

Then I most Definitely should be allowed to criticize Kevin Lee for being N-O Lee Diffey! And most Definitely Not a good lead Announcer! As his FAKE Oh Nooooo Mr. Bill forced exuberance not only sounds like Fingernails on a Chalkboard to Mwah, but is Uber Annoying!

As I've got my suspicions why NBC Sports prefers Kevin Lee over Professor B', aka Jon Beekhuis, who's also a better Pitlane Reporter then Kevin is, but I'm not gonna elaborate further...

These sentiments came flooding over Mwah when realizing how Delectable it had been Not Hearing Kevin's voice for nearly six months! As may be it's his Indiana Mid West Twang that gets me?

And how stale the rebroadcast felt to Mwah, especially since I already knew the results of who'd won, having watched it last year live.

 Whilst stating The Obvious, presumably the current Corona Virus Dilemma we're in, which is worsening every day! I suspect this had some weight upon how the rebroadcast did little to Pump Me Up! Along with realizing how easy it's to get along with life without Indy Cars...

Yet life swam along that weekend, with apparently many being Oblivious in Glendale, Arizona, where the 2020 Mecum Auction was in full swing during March 11-14. As originally I Arse-sumed it must be a TV Rebroadcast, Righto?

Nope, it were live instead, so I tuned in Ah-while', with some of the cars I heard crossing the auction block included a 1959 black Corvette Fuelie', aka 283cid small block V-8 fuel injection beauty selling for $150,000.

Whilst I immediately remembered why I Don't like NBCSN's coverage of these Mecum Auctions, since they like to simply jump to the next car in the Queue by saying the Bid goes on, leaving me with Zero Clue if the car in Questione sold?

As they did this twice, ironically both times being Ford BOSS 429 Mustang's. The first being from 1969, which I thought I heard had a reserve of $250k and only got to $210,000 before they started Prattlin' on 'bout whatever was next? And then later a '70 BOSS 429 got to $220k before we moved on...

But the most enthusiastic Bidders had to be the duo who won a 50th Anniversary Ford Mustang Coupe for a "paltry" $45,000!

And it was funny how McLaren Supercars were featured, with an original MC4-12 being sold, before a McLaren Senna was Hammered away for a cool $900k!

Yet according to the IndyStar's new IndyCar Reporter Nathan, Not Nate! Brown, since Nate Brown's an 'Ol Unlimited Hydroplane Jockey; Hya! I listened to the IndyCar story via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service, noting that le Hamburgular' or SeaBass', nee Sebastain Bourdais made a cool $1 Million dollars when selling his 2017 Competition Ford GT at the Glendale Auction! Which he apparently flew to in light of the St Pete IndyCar's race cancellation.

Whilst Congrats to 'Ol Narly Pinball', nee Charlie Kimball and his wife Kathy, who Messer Brown reported upon The Stork visiting them with the arrival of  Thar second child. As I know that No Fenders Offical' Photographer CARPETS' would wanna know, right Dave?

(Photo c/o No Fenders Blogmeister Miguel)