Friday, March 27, 2020

Oh Canada's Driver Retooling

Hmm, Didn't Thee Number 7 used to belong to Thee Young Wicky', nee Robert Wickens?

Author's Note
Like everythingy' I was working on prior to transitioning over to winDOUGHS 10; URGH! Like can it really be Wayback on January 24th when I initially commissioned the building of my brand  new Confuzer; ZOINKS!

Although the seeds for this story germinated just prior to watching this year's Rolex 24 when learning 'bout Roman De Angelis. Nevertheless, it, along with almost everything else I'm working on or had intended to Post upon No Fenders has been severely Weigh laid by thou frivolities of upgrading Thy Computer; ACK!

Frozen Tundra...
Otay, first of All, does it really matter? As it seems like Thars been conjecture over the shrinking Footprint of Brazilian IndyCar Drivers recently, especially since there won't be any on the starting grid this March at St Pete, after TK' Follow-your-Schnoz! Kanaan's recent announcement of only contesting the Oval tracks this season.

As Kanaan's Ironman Streak of 317 Consecutive IndyCar Starts finally comes to a close, we'll be without any Brazilians' racing in Indy Cars for the first time since 1999?

Unless Carlin wisely decides to insert Felipe Nasr into the cockpit of its currently vacated No. 31 entry, now that the rumoured Sergio Set Camara has been announced as Red Bull Racing & Scuderia Alpha Tauri's Test and Reserve Driver in Formula 1.

Although for Mwah, it seems a foregone conclusion that ex-Formula 1 driver Nasr will indeed get the call from Carlin, and begin his Rookie IndyCar season in Florida. Even if Thar hadn't been any public confirmation five days before the first practice session commences...

But lost in the Echo Chamber is the fact that Thar won't be any Hosers' upon thou grid either, unless you're willing to fictitiously count Thee Mayor 'O Hinchtown', aka James Hinchcliffe's New Gig as NBC Sports Pitlane Reporter, Eh?

Since we Already know that Hinch' won't officially strap-on racing duties 'til climbing aboard the #29 Andretti Autosport's Dallara IR-18/Hondre' IndyCar in a three race outing beginning with the Month 'O May "Double" at Mother Speedway, and finishing at Texas Motor Speedway.

As I believe Thars' been at least one KuhNuck Racer contesting IndyCar events, with the likes of Marty Roth, TAG', nee Alex Tagliani, 'Ol Sugar Ray Tracy, aka Thee Chrome Horn, ergo Paul Tracy, Hinch' and Robert Wickens since the 2008 Re-Unification, with perhaps the exception of the period during Hinchcliffe's Nasty Accident at Mother Speedway...

Alas as mentioned, I began thinking 'bout this apparent Frozen White Tundra Freeze Out during the weekend of this year's Rolex 24, where a very promising KuhNuck' Rookie was making his Big league Sports Car Debut for my Home-town Squad, The Heart of Racing, albeit Don't know if he got to actually compete?

Unfortunately the race was a Disaster for both of the Aston Martin's, with Team Seattle's #23 AMR Vantage GT3 triggering the race's first caution when colliding with a Lamborghini Huracan entering Pit lane.

As the Kuhnaidiun' in Question was 19yr old teenager Roman De Angelis, who won both the Canadian and U.S. Porsche GT Challenge Cup Championships last year, and is now competing against another fellow Hoser', 2019 IMSA GT Daytona Sprint Cup Champion Zachery Robichon.

And I was apparently Desperate for some motor racing, since I tuned-in for the tape delayed NBC Sports broadcast of the season opening LMP3 Prototypes race at Daytona, shown some six days prior to the Green Flag. Where I heard the name of Double-G', aka Garett Grist being thrown round during the event. As Garett was an aspiring Open Wheel Racer from Up North Eh! Who made it briefly to Indy Lights.

thus it appears that Sports Cars is fairly-well represented with the two IMSA Weathertech SportsCars GT Daytona Class lads noted above, along with Grist grinding out a Sports Car career in the lower tier LMP3 Prototypes category.

And I really haven't bothered too hard investigating for other KuhNucks' in the IMSA Grand Torismo ranks, albeit I know of another two Hosers racing GT Saloons.

As Misha Goikhberg's currently contesting this season Fulltime aboard the #57 Heinricher/Meyer Shank Racing Acura NSX GT3 Evo GTD entry. Along with Bruno Spengler behind the keyboard of the No. 25 Factory Rahal Letterman Lanigan BMW M8 GTE GT Le Mans class coupe.

Meanwhile, the Other Shoe finally dropped,
and Nah, Ain't talking 'bout Zachary Claman DeMelo, nee ZCD, for whom I've got Zero Clue if he's simply gone back to pedalin' his shoe brand or what he's doing this year race-wise?

Whilst it still seems inconceivable that the once mighty, iconic #14 A.J. Foyt Enterprises entry will need to run with three drivers this season to meet it's funding requirements; CRIKEYS!

Now that it's long since been confirmed that former Indy Lights competitor Dalton Kellett has indeed been signed to chauffer 'Ol SuperTex's storied #14 in IndyCar's later this year, with le Hamburgular', nee Sebastain Bourdais making a somewhat strange return to IndyCar at the beginning of the season for four races total.

As SeaBass' will begin the season at St. Pete, his adopted Hometown and contest the first three events before returning to his Day Job' and handing off the steering wheel to Kellett at COTA.

As the 26yr old KuhNuck' will make his IndyCar Debut at the Circuit Of The Americas in Austin on April 26th, and will contest the rest of the Twisties' races - excluding Portland, along with making his Rookie Debut at Indianapolis - aboard the team's third entry, sporting the #41.

Guessin' it's also worth keeping tabs upon KuhNuck' Parker Thompson who's contesting his third season in the Indy Pro 2000 Series Championship, this time for DEForce Racing aboard the No. 9, Number Nine, Numeral Nein? With Parker having finished runner-up to Yank' Bad Arse Kyle Kirkwood last season, who's graduated to Indy Lights for 2020.

Meanwhile on a totally different tangent, although it is related to Thee Great White North, I'll leave Y'all with a 'lil nugget from Joe Saward's Fascinating F1 Facts series. Now Take Off Uze Hosers; Hya!

Naturally, after I'd finished Buttoning Up this story, I learned that Carlin has wisely inked Felipe Nasr to chauffer it's No. 31 entry for the season opening round at St Pete, albeit No Word on how many more races he'll run for Carlin this year? While Conor Daly will run the four Ovals aboard the #59 that Max Chilton's elected again to not contest...