Friday, March 13, 2020

F1: 2020 Season Set to Commence Down Under'

As Thee Show Must G-O On, Righto? Or will It after Italy Locking Down Mega Kilometers of its Country, including Modena to Deal with the rampaging Corona Virus...

Although I'm doing worse than Team Willy', nee Williams F1 is right now, even with Thar three Mercedes PU Problemas during testing,, regarding my ability to post riveting No Fenders Blog stories lately.

Yet I've had a brief respite by reverting to last year's model; err my Trusty 'Ol winDOUGHS 7 Confuzer' whilst the new W10 "Machine" gets retrofitted with a new video card to hopefully cure my Zoomtext 2020 Screen Reader's desires; But I Digress...

Having been without access to Ye INtrawoods', nee Internet for a Fortnight's time, along with barely working service a further week, I've been unable to gleam very little via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service's Newspaper choices during this enjoyable Blogging Sabbatical.

As The Guardian was the only one paying lip service to Formula 1, along with the occasional Reuters Blurb', yet most news coverage revolved around the ongoing Corona Virus and whether or not it would effect this year's Australian Grand Prix, a la the "Postponed" 2020 Chinese Grand Prix.

Otay, that should be enough Bangin' on 'bout how your Blind Vurd' Butcher's basically in thou Dark regarding this year's upcoming Formula 1 season. I mean Gory Hell, I haven't even decided on who my Numero Uno Driver will be this year?

And it seems most of the Noise over Pre-season, or as I prefer calling it Ye Winter Olympics, nee Testing currently revolves around All of the non-Ferrari Power Unit (PU) competitors crying Foul over the FIa's decision to close the book upon la Scuderia's alleged engine Tomfoolery last year.

Since it's funny how Thars' not a whole lot of noise being made over Mercedes revolutionary DAS, aka Dual Axis steering system at the moment, albeit No idea if their competitors are simply keeping Thar Powder Dry 'til Melbourne, Eh?

And it looks like we could be in for another  long, Dull, Boring Formula 1 Season, with another Mercedes Whitewash; YAWN! As it's pretty Sad when you're hoping the current spate 'O Mercedes PU reliability issues carry over into the season, although preferably impacting thou silver Arrows and not Team Willy! As I'd really like to "See" Williams sophomore F1 Driver George Russell have a decent mount this year.

As Russell will have the only true new Rookie team-mate on the Formula 1 Grid this season, with the arrival of Montreal's Nicholas Latifi. As the 24yr old Kuhnaidiun', who spent stints as Renault and Force India's Test Driver graduates from his Williams Test and Reserve Driver role last year as Robert Kubica's replacement.

Latifi who spent several seasons in both the GP2 and then FIA Formula 2 series finished runner-up for DAMS to Nyck de Vries, who claimed the Drivers title for ART Grand Prix in last year's FIA F2 championship.

Meanwhile the only other Driver Pairing changing this year happens at le Reggie', nee Renault where Esteban Ocon replaces the Sacked Nico Hulkenberg, after Thee Incredible Hulkster' spent three seasons at the Enstone concern.

Although good luck keeping track of your favourite Driver's latest Crash-bucket scheme, now that the FIA has decided to get rid of its Helmet livery rule...

Yet should we really expect anything Different this season vs. last year's total Annihilation by Ye Silver Arrows, and sadly, Golden Child', aka Lewis Hamilton; SHEISA! As Mercedes romped to another 1-2 Finish and its sixth consecutive F1 Championship Double, i.e.; Constructors and Drivers titles.

Even though I'm now consigned to the fact that Hamilton will break my All-time Numero Uno formula 1 Driver DER TERMINATOR', nee Michael Schumacher's record tally of 91 Career victories, which I thought would be untouchable; sigh! Sorry Lewis, but you'll NEVER be Michael Schumacher!

As I'll let Y'all take whatever you want from the results of the final day's Winter Testing this year in Barcelona, where Surprise-surprise, a Mercedes was Top of Thee Pops'; err Time Sheets...

As you'll need to scour your local TV Listings to find out what time, day and channel Formula One's on your Telie', since if you're Stateside like I am Mates, then you've already missed Friday's (FP) Free practice action since OZ' is a Day ahead time-wise, Mates!

Although Yuhs can catch Qualie' later tonight Stateside on ESPNNews and then the Race's live Broadcast Saturday Night on ESPN...