Friday, March 13, 2020

Motor Racing Series Suspended

As Sports Cars, MotoGP, IndyCar, and Formula 1 have All taken the right precautions...

As Ye Elder Statesmen 'O IndyCar Bloggers Geo. Phillips Decreed previously on thoust Blogosphere. I too have never intended my 'lil niche of Ye Intrawoods', nee Internetz', where No Fenders has bobbed about the Galaxy for nearly 14yrs upon to be a Breaking News Blog-site.

As Gory Hell your Blind No Fenders Vurd Botcherer can barely keep up with what stories he meticulously hones with a dull knife; Err Bloody Nucels' gettin' in thoust way of Ye Keyboard... As I simply write to what interests Mwah in a reactionary way; but I Digress...

Case in Point, both of my Open Wheel Racing Previews were  written and posted prior to the ever increasing threats of the Corona Virus, also known as the Covid 19 Pandemic for which is causing the Sporting landscape to rapidly change amongst the Daily Health issues progressing at a Feverish Pace - with No Pun Intended Thar!

Hence I cannot even remotely keep up with or will try to cover the constantly changing and very fluid Dynamics occurring hourly, which has now seen not only the Cancellation of this weekend's Australian Grand Prix, but Formula 1 rightly Postponing the Bahrain and Vietnamese Grands Prix, along with the previously Postponed Chinese Grand Prix, leaving the Dutch Grand Prix at the beginning of May now the planned Season Opener.

Closer to home for Mwah, and also far more anticipated, the season opening St Pete IndyCar event, which originally was planned to be Bizarrely run without any Spectators present has been Cancelled, with IndyCar Suspending All events thru the end of April, meaning that the Indy GP Road Race on May 9th will become the series first event, albeit I'd suggest that All future motor races near and abroad are Obviously Subject to Change.

Also prior to this weekend's announcements came news that IMSA and the World Endurance Championship (WEC) Super Sebring race weekend had been Postponed, whilst MotoGP's gone thru several iterations of Calendar Updates which now also sees the forthcoming Circuit Of The Americas April 5th round and Argentina's races postponed until Fall, with the season hopefully commencing in Jerez on May 3.

And although I'm obviously Disappointed over not getting to watch motor racing commence this weekend, I totally understand why and wholeheartedly agree with these precautions, and do Not mean this in any sense of Joking matter, but I cannot but help hearing an 'Ol Hill Street Blues TV Show Sound bite playing in my Head saying: "Let's All Be Safe Out There Today!"