Thursday, March 19, 2020

No Fenders Computer Hi Jinx Continues

As Thee Nuts 'N Bolts on this whole Transition process Definitely keep going Round and Round...

Nope, I'm not Sleeping Off St Patty's Day today, just throwin' out a Wee Bitamyte Blarney; Err an update over the Nonstop Pain in Ye Keister regarding trying to transition to thou wonderful world 'O Microsoft winDOUGHS 10; SPEW!

As silly Me, I scrambled to Poond out a few more riveting No Fenders Blog Stories on the 'Ol Puter during some "Down Time" whilst Ah-waitin' transportation after droppin' off la Machine. As it only took me a further week's time to retrieve my new W10' Desktop Tower back from Ye local Computer Shop after having them swap out Video Cards, for which Zoomtext FAILED to Specify upon its system requirements page - And I had to Pay for their Mistake!

Now I'm eagerly Ah-waitin', NOT! To "S-E-E?" Hey Jeannie' this is One, this is Two, which is Better? If I'll now need to buy a new monitor since mine's a classic unit from two systems ago, which works perfectly fine, but may not be copasetic' with today's "New & Improved;" BULLSHIT! Graphics; URGH!

As I'm guessin' this will be the next thingy' I need to purchase, before getting round to a new printer, since the old one's not compatible with today's New & Improved system, Bugger! What's that? It's in Thee Small Print, Huh?

And then may be, just may be? I'll be able one day to return to the usual labourious task of Fighting the continuously Shifting light that permeates thou Bungalow's Dwelling, causing me major Fits every Blinkin' second! Regarding trying  to S-e-E what I'm working upon Ye Gory Confuzer! Even with the shades closed and an extra "Blackout" Curtain Drawn; URGH!

As I do enjoy Seeing The Light, but just Not when it's continuously Blottin' Out thoust Confuzer Screen! Which I've got No Clue if this has something to do with the neighbors cutting down an 'Ol Tree, albeit they said it was Dangerous... But Shit Man! I Cannot SEE the Bloody Screen; Oh Never Mind!

Thanks for your continued patience,