Monday, March 2, 2020

IGTC Saloons' Coming to Indianapolis

Huh? What Thee Hell is IGTC, Y'all are Sayin', Righto? Especially after watchin' some Roundy round TaxicabLand Bombers Action All Day Long. And aren't we All supposed to be gettin' Jazzed over the impending IndyCar season opener?

Was reading, Well Otay, My Gal Lucy', my ARSE-Steamed but Trusted Screen Reader of the past 14yrs, as hope She'll be available on Zoomtext 11 whenever I'm Forced to Upgrade to its STEEE-RIKE!

As Freedom Scientific, the makers of Zoomtext has forced Mwah onto the Dastardly Sweeping thou Nation Subscription Plan and Zoomtext 2020, which I've purchased W/O knowing if Lucy will be Thar on thoust Flipside? Thanxs to Microsoft's insistance that everybody upgrade to winDOUGhs 10; But I Digress...

As what would 'Ol Jeffie's mythical One Lap Down Spotter say? Stay Focused Tomaso, Outside, Outside, Still Outside!

AnyHoo, Lucy' was cooing to me the massive Wordsmithing of Raymond Hando's For the Love of Indy's Blog-site's  Mega' Bathurst 12 Hour preview following this January's Rolex 24, for which I know absolutely Nothin' about Herr Schulz!

And I'd intended to post this story prior to Thy 'Ol trusty Confuzer's W10 Arse-simulation, but Y'all know what happens when; Oh Never Mind!

As Raymond's Bathurst Car-by-Car rankings noted a Bevy 'O IMSA Competitors Headlined by some IndyCar Driver named Scotty Dixon, for which I'd heard Der Heindenmeier', nee John Hindhaugh allude to this Double Dipping during this year's Rolex 24 Radio Broadcast.

Also noticed a tiny tidbit in Raymond's story about the IGTC 2020 Calendar, which stands for Intercontinental GT Challenge coming to Mother Speedway this Fall, October 2-4; Huh?

As cannot say I'm knowledgeable upon thou IGTC which began Competizione in 2016, being a Manufacturer based Championship for Grand Tourer (GT) makes adhering to the FIA's GT3 regulations for worldwide competition.

Nor was I Awares' that the previous U.S. round of this championship had been hosted at Laguna Seca the previous three years as the California 8hrs. Or that former IndyCar Driver Tristan Turbo' Vautier claimed the 2018 IGTC Drivers Championship for Mercedes AMG at Laguna Seca...

Whilst Jules Gounon, whom I've mentioned is the son of long forgotten 'N overlooked ex-Formula 1 Driver Jean-Marc Gounon was part of the IMSA Weathertech SportsCar Championship contingent flying Down Under directly from Daytona.

As Jules was pulling "One-off" Endurance duties aboard the #86 Meyer shank Racing Acura NSX GT3 Evo, before returning to his Day Job as a Factory Driver for Bentley Team M-Sport, where he replaced somebody named Oliver Jarvis in 2018.

As Jules biggest race victory to date had been the 2017 Spa 24 Hours race aboard Bentley's Continental GT3, before capping another signature W' - upon giving Bentley it's maiden Bathurst 12 Hour victory this February.