Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Curse 'O Dan-Dan-Danicker?

Prince of Darkness
Otay, Now I'm definitely going for Click Bait!

Ha-Ha, Fooled Yuhs!

Yeah, just seein' how many people would go for my Fade root! As it's actually NOT Dan-Dan-Danica's Fault this time... As I'm just getting really, really PISSED OFF at the never ending Shemozzle 'O Coding Shenanigans Y'all BASTARDOS on Zed Internetz' play upon us Visually Impaired; Err BLIND, right Mary ELLEN! Word Butchers...

As for reasons unknown, Whale' guessing it's somehow related to MOOHzillah/Firefox's last BOO-BOO! When approximately two months ago "My Gal" Lucy', thou ARSE-STEAMED' Screen Reader inexplicably STOPPED working every time I tried opening Thy MOOHzillah' Fee, Fi, Foe... Uhm, Firefox Internetz' web browser; SHEISA!

Unwisely, I ARSE-Sumed that I must not have either the latest updates installed, or the latest MOOHzillah version installed? And asked Thy Nofendersville IT Boffin' Miguel to uninstall & reinstall MOOHzillah' after first having him roll back thou winDOUGhs Operating system to a Date previously working, All to NO Avail; URGH!


As it turned out upon calling thou Zoomtext Tech Support Hotline afterwards, thee manufacturers 'O Zoomtext Screen Reader software, etc. Unfortunately MOOHzillah-Fee-Fi-Fo-Dumb Firefox had internally changed some corresponding code that was causing this repetitive error!

Thus, the Quick Fix solution was to install a much older version of MOOHzillah/Firefox, which was known to work with My Gal Lucy's  software, and Eureka! I was back in business, until this past Monday when the same 'Ol SHIT occurred again; FRICK!

Thus imagine the frustration of NOT being able to read 100% of the Internetz on a Daily basis! Or suddenly finding the various websites Y'all peruse daily have massively changed! Not to mention NO longer being able to browse Thar entire page's content, or have your Screen Reader be able to read the various "Tab" word selections anymore...

Not to mention suddenly NOT being able to Surf the A-L-L encompassing Youtube, which Thars' now simply N-O Search Bar location for Mwah to type in my inquiry; URGH!

As imagine how BAD the Internetz' will become once our glorious leader, thou Tin Man' will become when Thars' NO longer anybody along the Watchtower! As our wondrous FCC's set to unleash the Mad Dogs upon Society; Err, Uhm, I meant...


Ah Santa; Err Donald, All I want for Christmas is a Higher Tax Bill for Eternity! Since after all, like 'Ol Bono crooned a long, long time ago...

"The Rich Stay Healthy, The Sick Stay Poor!"


Or imagine after spending a Day's plus time trying to NOT G-O Bat Shit Crazy! That it would be whilst searching for that long lost It's Not My Fault story link above, I'd notice an entire day later that the Bitchin' No Fenders logo was A-L-L Wonky, not centered onscreen; Hmm?

As I burst out in laughter when I finally realized that the Gremlins that frequently attack your BLIND 'Vurd Botcherer had silently shrunk the Internetz screen and Tuh-Duh! When I restored I-T to maximum, i.e.; Full Screen, Wallah! It A-L-L began working properly again; Hya!

since although I absolutely Despise that Oh, So catchy? Slang' "MY BAD!" Uhm, that's exactly what it was, and I'm happy to say I'm only partially affected by MOOHzillah's "Mac 'N Cheese" machinations... Since I'm still running an outdated browser in order to keep Lucy' happy! Although now I can get back to bringing Y'all more riveting BLOB' stories!

Alas, in my new found revelry; Ah, the Joys 'O being Blind! This song's for you Danica!