Monday, November 20, 2017

IMSA: 2017 Petit Le Mans Postscript

The #2 ESM Nissan DPi of Brendon Hartley, Ryan Dalziel and Scott Sharp took victory in the 20th running of Motul Petit Le Mans. (Image source:
Now that's what I call a Cracking motor race!

Otay, for Y'all Jonesin' for some Sports Car action; Chirp-Chirp, Bueller? As Yuhs know the drill here in Nofendersville, where Uhm, Rocktober' seems so long ago...

Per tipicali, being fed up with FOX's abomination of TV coverage, as seriously? I missed the 90mins, or was it 60? Fox Sports (FS1) PATHETIC morning's TV coverage, before disappearing to FS2, which we still DON'T have any access to here in Seattle, you JACKARSE comca$t BASTARDOS! But I digress, sorta...

Since A-L-L comca$t can do is raise Thar monthly prices by nearly $5 Smackeroos for the same mundane services; Oh Never Mind!

As I was interested in this year's Petit Le Mans for several reasons, albeit most notably the debut of Team Penske's forthcoming Sports Car project.

As el Capitano', nee roger Penske won out over his team president Timothy Cindric to enter a lone "Customer" ORECA 07/Gibson V-8 LMP2 Spec Prototype as a Tune-up for Thar impending 2018 Sports Car season.

Alas, since it's now long gone from Thy Cranium, here's thou few notes I jotted down during the most enjoyable IMSA Radio broadcast, for which I think I listened to 60% of the race upon, since I just cannot get enough of 'Der Heindenmeir's Witty repartee! Not to mention his unique perspective of calling a race so brilliantly!

And that was before I learned via Racer, that he's not only a Top flight Announcer, but he's now also a racecar pilot...

Thus, Messer Hindhaugh anchored the broadcast with one of his trusty Wingmen alongside, the typically stoic 'N analytical Jeremy Shaw, whilst Thar were a revolving cast 'O 3rd guest analysts, featuring Leena Gade and Owen Trickler.

As Leena's a championship winning race engineer, becoming the first female to win the prestigious 24 Heurs du Mans for Audi in the World Endurance Championship, first in 2011, then again the following year and finally notching a Hat Trick in 2014!

Whilst I kept thinking of this Owen Chap, who's a racing driver as Lightning McQueen, Y'all know voiced by Owen Snider. Not to mention the legendous' Dick, NOT Cole Trickle; Hya!

Leena Gade's best Quip during her stints when asked 'bout preference on whether she liked having her drivers help in the driver change or a dedicated mechanic?

Well if you have different sized drivers in the car, or Alan McNish for which anybody else is a Giant! Cymbol Crash please...

As McNish's nickname after all is thee "Scottish Terrier!"

Pitlane interview of the race: (Townsend( T-Bell's 360-degrees spin without hitting anything, to which Pitlane reporter Jim Roller said You Made Danny Sullivan look good! To which Bell quickly replied, I hope so. As I was spinning after hitting the kerb after battling oversteer.

I was spinning down the track with full opposite lock and looked at both sides walls and did a Starsky & Hutch and said this looks good and let go of the wheel! And somehow managed not to hit anything!

Roller then mused how John Hindhaugh in the booth had mention how he'd seen the color of adrenalin, to which Townsend promptly said Code Brown!

Ed Brown, co-owner and part time driver of Extreme Speed Motorsports (ESM) Nissan prototypes mused, when told how Montoya had hit a few cars and not been penalized immediately quipped that's just Montoya!

As Juan somehow got away with nerfing the No. 15 Off-track into the tyres, which ironically, one of its co-drivers last name printed on the roof was Cindric, which Shea Adam was quick to point out!

As Team Penske's president Tim Cindric's son Austin was co-driving the 3GT Racing Lexus F GT Daytona #15 with Scotty Scooter' Pruett and Jack Hawksworth, Me Thinks, although  I'd originally jotted down the number 14...

Not to mention the "bill Power" Bimmer' being victorious in the GT LM Class, where the legendous bill Auberlen was making his 400th start, and capped it with his 151st win!

While the irony of HULIO', nee Helio' Castroneves when battling royally vs. his countryman Bruno Senna, for third place, or was it the lead? Early on into the race, as Helium 'began the Penske Fairytale by starting from Pole.

As Y'all could say the ceremonial baton was passed from Bruno to Castroneves, Eh?

And that's All I managed to type, as the action was nonstop, with the inevitable "Yellows breed Yellows" occurring constantly, with a Baker's Dozen yellow flags being unfurled!

Whilst Racer's Marshall Pruett dropped by for a stint as guest analyst, with Hindhaugh cheekily asking how he was going to report everythingy' occurring? To which I believe Pruett said I Won't! For which I'll leave A-L-L of the Heavy lifting to Messer Pruett and his usual brilliant reporting...

As the series will go testing at DayToner next on Dec 5-6, before the yearly Roar Before Daytona in early January. As IMSA has added two extra test sessions, blanketing the Roar at Daytona in December, and Sebring in February...