Saturday, November 11, 2017

Veteran's Day - 2017 edition

Nagasaki Peace Park. (Image source:
Yeah, Y'all are excused from reading this, since it's not racing related per sei, but in this Booty-full' New World Order our glorious leader's Snatched... Or should that be Cratered? Along with the copious amounts 'O CD Audiobooks I've recently consumed, the topic of War's upon Thy Mind once again...

As Karmically, a half century ago, as Americre' was in thou Summer of Love, with some 'lil 'Ol Rock 'N roll band's hit album Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Top 'O Thee Pops, and with a 'Wee Bitamyte of Help from some friends, as the singer's gonna sing Yuhs a song, and he wants Y'all to Sing along...

Halfway round the world, a NOT so lovely occurrence was happening, an event simply known as Vietnam. As one solitary man tried to change the course of history.

"Mr. Sand made sure that Orange Sunshine was available to American soldiers fighting in Vietnam, whose minds he hoped to bend in the direction of nonviolence and brotherly love. The goal was simple. 'If we could turn on everyone in the world,' he said in the documentary, 'then maybe we'd have a new world of peace and love. It did not work out that way."
(Source: New York Times)

But instead, my thoughts upon Veteran's Day per tipicali in Nofendersville harken back a year ago when I finally watched; Err listened to the 2hr 1983 MASH 4077 TV Series finale upon ME TV, for my first time ever. Which unfortunately, doesn't appear to be airing this year.

Since although I cannot prove it, nor having time willing to search for corresponding literature, upon earlier listening to the Mondo' 22-disc CD Audiobook titled: The Candy Bombers: The Untold Story of the Berlin Airlift and America's Finest Hour.

I became convinced that the Korean War was born out of the continuance of two world Heavyweight's relentless punch-out for Supreme Power, i.e.; the Dogged fight of Communism v Capitalism; Uhm, Err Democracy.

Yet as The Candy Bombers story begins on Germany's Elbe River, with the Allied Forces, nee the Yanks' and Rooskies' hooking up triumphantly on April 25, 1945, also known simply as Elbe Day.

The Berlin Airlift and subsequent Korean War were born out of the continuation for world power so prolifically fought over during the Second Great War, aka World War II.

For which I've enjoyed another book upon the tentatively titled U-Who? When some American Wreck Divers discovered the previously unknown whereabouts of a missing German U-Boat off the coast of New Jersey in '91, nearly a half century after it's disappearance at the beginning of 1945!

As Shadow Divers not only profiles the risks and determination over a six year period to discover this mystery Submarine's true identity, which is another "racing" story I'm working upon in Nofendersville...

But also portrays the horrors of war, which I cannot completely dislodge from my cranium currently, even if the Hun's', nee German's were the "Bad Guys."

As Submariners were the most likely to die in combat, with a higher than 50% chance of not returning from patrol! And even though these gallant men, who presumably became increasingly delusional of their leader's, especially that 'lil Shrill Man named Adolf! Nonetheless, when volunteers were asked for, they immediately raised their hands and prepared to die in their metal coffins.

Yet just a brief two years after the war's end, it was quite apparent that Mother Russia had its own designs on world supremacy, with Joseph Stalin pulling the strings, which led to the Allies, most notably America supplying the Berliner's, albeit just West Berlin with vital supplies being flown into the once mighty Tempelhof Airport, seven decades ago.

As President Truman, Secretary of Defense James V. Forrestal, General Lucia's D. Clay and others staved off Russia's attempted blockade, upon re-opening Eastern Berlin for another "Baker's Dozen" years, in 1948 before some Wall was built!

Alas, it simply seems that Russia moved its goalposts to a new country then known as Korea, for which today we revel in the audacity of North Korea, while the planned 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea still plod along...

Not to mention thankfully not going back to those Yongan Everglades, where A-L-L sorts 'O insects languidly festered at the Korean International Circuit.

As I still recall dazedly stayin' partially awake during the 'Wee hours, nee 2AM Pacific watchin'; Err listening to a Red Flag Rain Delayed broadcast some six years ago, Me Thinks? Of the Korean GP where 'Wee Willie Buxom & Co. (Will Buxton( waded thru the Paddock in Thar Water Moccasins past Snakes, Mow Skeetres' et al...

And I could go on 'N on, and point out the atrocities of Vietnam, ironically now one of a handful of nations wishing to secure a Formula 1 race to inject tourism dollars into its economy... Afghanistan and Iraq, et al, but will simply close by noting, for all of the greatness Harry S. Truman is afforded, one must ponder his greatest Horror, upon ordering not once, but twice to drop the world's first two Atom Bombs upon Japan!

"Imagine a time when it all began
In the dying days of a war
A weapon that would settle the score
Whoever found it first would be sure to do their worst
They always had before..."

As it's hard to believe that a decade's flown by since I visited the second city bombed, Nagasaki , Japan, with my friend's The Dutchies'...

While now back to the Brazilian Grand Prix. As perhaps the irony is apparent? Since after all, Brazil's South American neighbors Argentina are hoping to abscond with Thar Formula 1 race, where Uhm, I Dunno, some German's hid out after the war; Oh Never Mind!

Partial Song lyrics from: RUSh
Song: Manhattan Project
Album: Power Windows
Year: 1985