Friday, November 17, 2017

MOTO GP: Not Even the New Pace Car can Stop Marquez

8 Poles v 27 Falls, as it must pay being youthful, Fit and full of vim 'N vigour, Eh?

Whale', I've been hoping for awhile now that the unthinkable would happen, and somebody beside thou Pinball Wizard', nee Marc Marquez would win the MotoGP title.

As I've been thinking all year long how amazing of an upset it would be for Ducati's "Number Two" rider Andrea Dovizioso to triumph as world champion over his esteemed team leader, triple world champion Jorge Lorenzo.

Not to mention how popular this would have been in Italy! Even if Ducati's owned by some Automotive company with four Rings on its grill. Uhm, Err, via some clever maneuvering, Ducati's technically owned by Lamborghini, albeit both its and Audi's parent company is Volkswagen AG.

Yet heading into the season finale at Circuit Ricardo Tormo, whilst I knew that (Dovizioso) Dovi' had six wins to his credit, I was unawares that Marquez was keeping pace, also with 6-wins. While the early season's championship favourite Movistar Yamaha's Maverick "top gun" Vinales, remember him? Was third best with three W's this season.

Rounding out the riders to stand atop the podium was Dani Pedrosa taking a popular win in Jerez at the Spanish Motorcycle Grand Prix on May 7th. With the only other rider on top of the podium being the ageless "Doctor," nee Valentino Rossi - winning at thou Netherlands legendous' Assen TT circuit Wayback at the end of June, before Marquez and Dovizioso resumed their winning ways...

Interestingly, or is I-T just for Mwah? How Germany's top luxury car manufacturers have locked up pacing la Federation's *FIA ) top two racing series, nee Formula 1 and MotoGP respectively.

As BMW didn't want to be left out in the rain, so to speak, since I'm pretty certain that Mercedes still paces the Formula 1 Boyz'.

But even the M5 Bimmer' couldn't slow Marquez down, who secured Pole at Valencia, before another crash, with title rivals Dovizioso way down on Row 3, in ninth.

And in what seemed to be the season's mantra, besides The Whiz Kid winning, another Grands Prix was held in wet conditions, where Dovi' needed a major miracle to overtake Marquez for the title, which was not to be.

As the 31yr old Italian Factory Duc' rider fell out of the race, whilst the 24yr old Spaniard saved himself from another fall, hanging onto third place en route to his fourth MotoGP championship crown in five years.

As Marquez Repsol Honda team-mate Pedrosa claimed his second win of the season, ahead of the hard charging rookie Monster "Tek Twa" (Tech 3) Satellite Yamahopper' rider Johann Zarco, who reportedly scared Marquez in the race...

As what a difference another year makes, along with not fighting against his fiercest rival, The Doctor, with NO kicking or scratching, Ci!