Monday, November 6, 2017

OWR: Paddock Notes - Halloween edition

Trick or Treat, Gimme Somme-thun to Eat, or Smell my Uhm...

Instead 'O my la tipicali Halloween prose, that Oh, so Clever Hallows Eve Ditty I concocted late Juan' night in Nofendersville, many Moons ago, simply titled:

Isn't I-T Amazing, how Y'all go away for a week's time, don't work on your costume and eat too much Halloween candy! That multiple Tricks 'N Treats are Doled out in the Open Wheel Racing world.

As I've witnessed Mother Nature playing with everyone in Japan before, when traveling in atrociously fowl weather conditions to Suzukre' for the Twenty-oh-Four Japanese Grand Prix during Typhoon season! Which caused Saturday's Qualifying to be cancelled and running Qualie' on Sunday for the first time ever.

As Toro Rosso's Pierre Gasley's chance to become this year's Super formula champion would be dashed by another Typhoon, with this time the Circuit wisely cancelling the final two rounds...

Yet sadly, whenever I now think of Suzukre' and Typhoons, I think of the senseless tragedy of Jules Bianchi, which can only be partially attributed to running in foul weather conditions in failing daylight during a Typhoon weekend...

And whilst Dr. Helmut Marco was giving sweets to New Zealand's Brendon Hartley, after his Formula 1 debut in Austin. The Trick was upon Russia's Daniil Kvyat, who apparently Der Helmut has tossed out the Rooskie Pilote' along with thou frothing water once again, albeit this time along with the bobbing apples...

Meanwhile, whilst Trackside at Circuit Of The Americas, nee COTA, I caught two pieces of News via the fine, booming voices of Track Announcers Bob Constanduros and Jonathan Green. With the first being very puzzling to Mwah initially.

As all I heard was Verstappen staying with Red Bull until 2020; Huh? Although it now makes perfect "Dollars 'N Sense" for the blossoming F1 Phenom, solidifying his unspoken Number One status at thee B-I-G BULLZ', nee Red Bull Racing.

While the other tidbit wasn't surprising, that McLaren and Fernando' had finally confirmed the obvious, that he'd be staying at McLaren in 2018 alongside Stoffel Vandoorne.

Yet I only caught Paul di Resta's name, but not why, along with United Autosports; Huh? As both di Resta & Alonso, along with others will be contesting next year's Rolex 24 at Daytona, where Fernando will make his Sports Car racing debut.

Over at PT's house, thee Thrill from the West Hill, aka Mr. Chrome Horn, nee Paul Tracy was passing out packs 'O Wrigley Spearmint Gum along with other assorted candy, since Y'all know how Wrigley's Tag-line is Somme-thun' about Double your Pleasure, Double your Fun, Eh?

Which is exactly what Schmidt Peterson Motorsports has done with the addition of a second fellow Hoser from Up North Eh! As thou Mayor 'O Hinchtown's Wingman, with the signing of thee Young Wicky', aka Robert Wickens for 2018.

As SPM will now unofficially become Team KanaDuh' 2.0. Whilst I noticed that thee Mayor's now calling him Robby instead, after having listened to Hinchcliffe on Autosport Radio recently.

And apparently 'Ol SuperTex', aka A.J. Foyt ate All of the Reese's pieces, Snickers and Mr. Goodbars much to Conor Daly's dismay...

While lastly, apparently The Cheepster', aka Chip Ganassi was feeling quite festive by signing Ed Jones, as the surprising move possibly has something to do with Brendon Hartley's prospects of future Formula 1 employment, Ci?

While obviously the cruelest trick was the late, great Greg Moore's passing on Halloween, 1999...

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