Tuesday, October 31, 2017

An ex-IndyCar Haunted House?

Ah, Duh good 'Ol Intrawoods! You really tickle my Funny bone...

NO! Not that Groovy song Y'all, but instead, as I typed into the All Knowing gOOgle Monster's search field: Denver replaces Vancouver BC for Labor Day race, when double checking Thy memory... Shuhzamm! Wallah! Zoinks!


Uhm, guessin' thou Comic Book Crime F
fighters reference has Somme-thun' to do with this costume holiday we're celebrating...

As I'll bite, what in thee HELL is this IndyCar Ganstah' reference link that popped up top of the charts, eh?

Since although I don't know any of the history behind Boyle Racing or its most colourful owner, thou late Mike Boyle. Nonetheless, I do know a 'wee Bitamyte' about the Boyle Racing car being a Maserati 8CTF that won the 1939-40 Indianapolis 500's.

As Karmically, the last time I visited the Speedway's museum, I was fortunate enough to be offered the unique opportunity to briefly touch this very same winning racecar that Wilbur Shaw chauffeured, courtesy of the IMS Museum and it's super friendly staff!

Yet this Haunted House in Questione is none other than the ex-Boyle Racing Shop in Indianapolis, long since derelict and now in danger of completely imploding!

Thus, a new organization calling itself the Boyle Race Team is seeking nearly a million dollars in order to rescue, renovate and rescessitate life into this historic landmark building.

Whilst Y'all can learn a 'lil more 'bout the colourful man behind the race team, like I did, happily learning that Umbrella Mike was ahead of his time - by pushing for Desegregation way before it was en vogue! Not to mention women being allowed access to various portions of Mother Speedway they were denied...