Tuesday, October 10, 2017

INDYCAR: A Belated Shout Out to Takuma Sato!

Takuma Sato and Michael Andretti at Pocono this August. (Image source: oilpressure.wordpress.com)
As   Taku-san's' gotta be my IndyCar Driver of the Year, especially with his Bravado at Indianapolis, Texas and Pocono this season...

Ah, it seems so long ago now, that I was absolutely over the Moon with Takuma Sato being victorious at Mother Speedway this May!

As I giddily rejoiced recently after Sato's impressive Pole winning run at another Oval, when he unexpectedly snatched P1 away from "Symone Pagenoe," aka Pageantry', nee Simon Pagenaud, as the final driver to qualify.

But what made the affable Japanese Open Wheel Racing talent's scoring his seventh career IndyCar Pole impressive was the fashion he did it in. As I was listening via the IMS Radio Network, since I simply cannot stomach Kevin Lee as NBCSN's lead announcer; but I digress...

As think it was Zachery Moose' Veach filling in as Driver Analyst for Davey Hamilton? Who said, Come-on, DON'T park Marco Andretti's wrecked Dallara in front of Taku!

Otay, it was actually Andretti Auto sport's Team leader Ryan The Dude! Hunter-Reay who'd just smacked the wall, as Marco had actually stayed clean, but he certainly hasn't carried the Andretti flag very far this year...

As Somme-thun' about adding insult to injury of not only having your team-mate wreck on the run before you, but then dangling his car on the back of a Tow Truck directly in front of you during the Red flag portion to clean the track; CRIKEYS!

Whilst further cementing my admiration of the series new "Joe Cool;" Err Alexander Rossi was his unselfishly sprinting down the entire Pitlane, presumably still with his helmet & HANS Device on, also in full Driving Kit! To simply lean into Takuma's cockpit and offer a few words of encouragement...

As I thoroughly enjoyed IMS Radio Network Pit Reporter Dave First's Quip 'bout "Nice 40' Sprint Time!"

And who could forget 'bout his wild driving at Texas Motor Speedway this summer? Where I was shoutin' exuberantly at Thy Telie' G-O SATO, G-O-SATO! As I really thought he'd win again, (before auguring into the grass) since Y'all know his most enduring motto, right?

"No Attack, No Chance!"

Whilst another one 'O my favourite Quips from Taku-san, which makes me smile comes from Wayback when, with High 'N Mighty DC' (David Coulthard( telling the Japanese F1 racer he'd never attempted making a pass there, to which Sato immediately said "I KNOW!"
As I actually saw Taku-san first in action fourteen years ago in Suzuka, NO less! And still vividly recall absolutely how GONZO! The entire Japanese crowd was for their Home Driver Sato, with a sea of BAR-Honda Ball Caps being the headgear 'O choice! As Jenson Who? (Button) was Sato's esteemed team-mate and No. 1 Driver.

But it was this summer's race at Indianapolis which still brings a smile to my face! As I'd wanted ANYBODY but HULIO' to win! As I dejectedly said to Jeannie, whilst watchin' the race from the comfort of Thar couch in thou "Other Florence." (Oregon)



After Castroneves passed Sato on Lap 194, which I was certain was the Coup de Gras; SHIT! with a scant 5-laps remaining; SIGH! To which she immediately shot back, it's NOT over yet...

As I roared with delight as Sato retook the lead from Castroneves and for the final five agonizing laps I sat with four sets 'O fingers crossed encouraging Sato home!


As I jubilantly broke into my Happy Dance! As Jonathan said: He looks more Happy then Takuma Sato does! As I began broadly grinning and breaking out into an impromptu Jig, chanting whilst doin' my 'Ol DW' Boogity-Boogity-Boogity!I've won the DayToner 500  Icky Shuffle...


As I'd planned to have updated my ancient No Fenders prose upon Japan's countless Open Wheel Racing Drivers by now, but Y'all know the drill in Nofendersville, and hence I'm still working on adding Takuma Sato to the story...

JapaneseOpen Wheel warriors

As I'll leave Y'all with one more story link to read, an enjoyable look back at Sato's pathway to Indy Cars and Oval racing...