Friday, December 1, 2017

Toto says Women's Only Racing Series Crying Wolf...

Although the subject isn't new, and Y'all would have to say whomever these series promoters are? They seem to be at least persistent... Nonetheless, it's nice to know that the Chief of the All Conquering Silver Arrows, nee the reigning Quadruple F1 World Champions Mercedes Formula 1 Team has lent his voice on the subject.

In fairness of full disclosure, for which I don't believe Toto's avoiding in the least; It should be recognized his wife Susie Wolff, was the last female to taste Formula 1 machinery as a Team Willy' Test and reserve Driver thru 2015, after having initially landed the role three years prior.

Mrs. Wolff became the first female to take part in a Grands Prix weekend in over two decades when she made her Friday morning's (Free Practice) FP1 Debut at Bloody 'Ol Silverstone's 2014 British GP. The first time le Femme had driven an F1 Car in anger since Giovanna Amati's final qualifying attempt, failing to make her 1992 Brazilian GP outing for Brabham.

Yet after making a total of four Friday Free Practice outings between 2014-15, Susie quit the Williams F1 Team, retiring from driving after it became quite apparent that she'd never get a crack at going racing proper in Formula 1, and has since gone onto create her Dare to be Different Foundation.

But as I said, the topics not new, as I originally became aware of this renegade le Femmes' Only motor racing series, which now claims the champion of its six races will be awarded an F1 test; Uhm, Bully for Yuhs...

When earlier this summer, Pippa Man, Indy Cars current lone Female driver was very forthright, and rightly outspoken in her disgust over what she perceived as Hand Maidens regression in an article by the IndyStar's Jim ayello, which I chronicled in;

Since after all, would their have ever been any Danica Mania if she'd been relegated to fleeting stardom by just getting a single test outing in Formula 1? And we Don't even need to G-O Thar 'bout what 'Ol Uncle Bernaughty thinks...

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