Monday, December 4, 2017

FIA Aims for Streamlined ladder system A la IndyCar, MotoGP

Now Whars 'Ol BOOGITY-BOOGITY-BOOGITY DW! To tell Y'all that 'RASSCAR was Duh First to invent the ladder system... Honk-Honk!

Not sure how many, if at all? Know or care 'bout the once mighty Formula Renault 3.5 V-8 Championship, that I typically think of as the World Series by Renault - which has promoted countless youngsters into thou Pinnacle 'O Motorsports, nee Formula 1.

With the latest championship winner F1 graduate being a reportedly new & improved Sharp lookin' man named Carlos Sainz, Jr. in 2014.

And in a strange, somewhat symbiotic twist 'O fate, having previously regaled Y'all 'bout the lack of any Brazilian's being on the Formula 1 grid next year, Karmically it was one of Thar Countryman being victorious.

As it was 20yr old Portuguese driver Henrique Chaves, making his World Series V-8 3.5 series debut at the season finale in Bahrain with AVS, en route to becoming only the seventh driver in series history to win his inaugural race.

As this once mighty alternative Feeder Series which began life in Spain as the World Series by Nissan in 1998, before becoming widely recognized as Formula Renault 3.5 (FR3.5) between 2005 to 2015 - has graduated multiple drivers to Formula 1, most notably being some Blokes with the last names of Alonso and Vettel.

Robert Kubica was the Formula Renault 3.5 series maiden champion in '05. With a rough 'N tumble lad named Kevin Bacon' Magnussen being the 2013 series titlist.

In-between this duo was a shunned Rooskie' named Mikhail Aleshin, who won the 2010 crown. While a Dutch phenom before the "Baby-face Assassin" arrived in F1, named Robin  Frijns won both the title and ROY honours in 2012.

Other Rookie Of the Year (ROY) winners have included the likes of Daniel Ricky' Ricciardo, (2010) Stoffel Vandoorne, (2013) and Pierre Gasley. (2014)

Along with some chap named Alexander Rossi in 2011. Hmm? Perhaps Y'all have heard of him? Although some Hoser from Up North Eh! Now known simply as "Robby," formerly thee Young Wicky', aka Robert wickens won that year's championship.

Yet unfortunately, after ten years of heavily supporting the racing series, le reggie' pulled the plug upon its continued endorsement, inevitably signaling the series Death Knoll, which floundered along for two final seasons before the lack of entries for 2018 saw it's cancellation.

And although the sole series promoter had arranged for the series to become part of the World Endurance Championship's (WEC) supporting cast this year, netting Pietro Fittipaldi a tryout aboard an LMP1 Prototype, the winning Porsche 919 Hybrid no less!

Nonetheless, it appears that the series, which fell out of favour after Renault's departure, along with the FIA implementing the "Verstappen Rule."

Y'all know, when massively revising its FIA Superlicense requirements, most notably the minimum age, after that young Niederlander teenage sensation Max joined F1...

Alas, it appears that the Formula V-8 3.5 series was shunned in this new Superlicense points scheme, essentially a power grab by Monsieur Todt's FIA organization, which now is apparently trying to streamline the European Single Seater ladder system.

Whilst it's rightly noted some of the realignment's foopah's; A la the absurdity of the 2015 Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) champion Pascal Wehrlein being not given the requisite points to initially grant him his mandatory Superlicense; CRIKEYS!

Yuhs know, the current F1 Driver who should land Team Willys' second race seat, who's comprehensibly outperformed favoured Swede' Sauber F1 Pilote Marcus Eriksson...

Although it'll be nice when there's a clear, concise path to Formula 1, which will eventually see the pyramid being F4 to F3, then F2 and finally F1 in the near future. Although this makes me wonder how the remaining Renault Feeder Series will fit in?

Meanwhile, when perusing the Checkered Flag's website for European Feeder Series fodder, thought I spotted; Err, heard "My gal" Lucy' read me Somme-thun' about an F3 americas series; Huh?

which will now potentially make the more Streamlined (MRTI) path to Indy Cars "Clear as Mud on a Rainy Day!"