Thursday, December 14, 2017

Vampish' ladies

As think Lady and The Uhm, is already taken, Wee-Wee...

Although with NO Disrespect towards Vampires; Hya! Every once 'N awhile we need a 'lil Scandal, righto? Some juicy gossip, especially since we all know what sells Newspapers; Chirp-Chirp, Bueller?

Although Sexual Harrassments All the Rage right now, for A-L-L the wrong reasons! As even the Pacific Northwest's not immune, as our beloved Hawks' Radio's Colour Commentator's feeling the Heat right now... 

Hence, per tipicali, whilst doing my nightly News Trawl, sometime last week, I ran across a name I recognized immediately, as she'd figured into a story I scribbled a few years ago.

As Missy Christine Keeler was quite the Provocateur', ultimately causing then British Prime Minister McMillan's government to collapse! Due to her ruffling the Bed-sheets of then British Secretary of State for War Brigadier John Profumo, whilst allegedly romantically involved with a Russian Agent.

Which is somewhat funny, since right now the CD Audiobook I'm listening to at a snail's pace, about the plight 'O Berlin in 1961, when some 'lil 'Ol Wall went up! Portrays Harold McMillan as the stately, solid conservative "Father Figure," while someone with the initials JFK is the Playboy!

But back to our newly departed lass Christine, who's roommate at the time of this scandalous Profumo Affair was another Tart named Mandy Rice Davies, whom herself was having Dalliances with Lord Astor, where many a raunchy Pool party was held upon Cliveden Estate, which I scribled briefly about in;

Or Y'all can start at the beginning of my elongated Two Part Astor lore harmony, by reading a 'lil tasting 'O the Astor's and Thar shiny 'Ol Mug, thou Astor Cup in;

Whilst naturally, now I've just learned of some more "Obscure" Astor lore gossip Thanxs to 'Ol Grizzled Journo' Joe, as Yuhs know; Joe Knows! As Messer Saward's currently regaling us all with another round of his par excellante Fascinating F1 )fun) facts revelry.

As it's got Somme-thun' to do with the prodigal British marque Aston Martin and Countess Margaret Zborowski, the former Baroness de Steurs, who was also Margaret Laura Astor Carey, but that's another story for a different day!