Monday, December 4, 2017

The New look Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team...

But How Many licks does it take to get to the center of a Sauber?

By now, Y'all have probably heard of the branding exercise going on in Italy, with the return of the Alfa Romeo name to Formula 1, albeit just as the 'lil Hinwil based Sauber's title sponsor. Since the Swiss team  will be running brand new  2018 Spec Ferrari PU's (Power Units) next year.

Meanwhile, with the ever increasing Ferrari links, i.e.; technically and monetarily. Obviously Germany's Pascal Wehrlein, who's also a Mercedes backed driver's future with the team is Kaput. Which is somewhat bemusing, since he scored all of the team's meager five points this season.

As expected, reigning Formula 2 Champion Charles Leclerc has finally been confirmed at Sauber, as the 20yr old Monegasque will race alongside Sweden's Marcus Eriksson, a somewhat controversial choice, albeit due to his financial backers of the Swiss team.

Whilst Ferrari protégé Antonio Giovinazzi will serve as the team's third driver, along with making multiple Friday morning Free Practice appearances in 2018...

Naturally, Monsieur Leclerc's more happy than Messer Giovinazzi right now, although I'm left ponderin' if this is some slick ploy to ease the Swede' out gently by let's say, after the mandatory Summer break? Since I'm guessing the young Italian's pace is quicker than Eriksson's...

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