Monday, December 18, 2017

AWARDS: Reviving Thou Semi-Annual nifSTAR & EuroNifStar trophy winners selections...

Ahem, does anybody still remember the year 2014? When I last subjected Y'all to tis revelry; Fah-la-lah-la-la... And what took me so Bloody long, eh? Although it's only been two years, Cornfuzed?

Otay, I've got an idea that Nobody gives a Flying Uhm, about my ramblings here in Nofendersville. But since I started this tradition awhile ago, I feel somewhat compelled to carry it on, which means Y'all haven't read my very unscientific choices for those aspiring Wee lads climbing the various rungs of the Feeder Series on the right 'N left sides of thou puddle for over two years now.

As this exercise for Mwah gives me a chance to evaluate the largely unheard of European Up 'N comers, since nary a peeps typically heard 'bout them Stateside. Along with my meanderings regarding the cream of IndyCar hopefuls.

And  like Indy Cars OLD-est Blogger recently mused earlier this year; NOPE! Not Mwah, think Geo. Phillips; Hya! Picking favourite Drivers typically involves the "Like" factor. Which is largely how I make my very Esso-Taric' selections from my randomly Cobbled together Shooting Starz' candidates Short; Ha-Ha, list each year...

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