Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Sounds of Indy Cars...

OOH! AH! I thought I heard Paul Page...

 Uhm? Now I'm torn between ABC and IMS Radio, something I thought I'd never say; Hya! As I was  curious who ABC's Pitlane Reporters would be this year, since I'd discovered that Jamie Little and Vince Neil; Err Welch were doin' Duh Taxicab thingy over on FOX.

Since Y'all may know that I pretty much just listen to motor races these days since I basically cannot S-E-E the cars and hence I depend more upon the voices then the camera's eyes. And not being overly fond of some of ABC's On Air talent; can Y'all say Eddie Cheever! I pondered listening to the season's first race via the radio broadcast instead?

But having discovered my favourite IndyCar Pitlane Reporter "Professor B," aka Jon Beekhuis has returned to ESPN this season "Justin-time," nee March 28.Thus instead, I 'decided to tune into the ABC TV Broadcast despite not wanting to hear Eddie Cheever's voice, or being put to sleep by Scott "Somonex" Goodyear; Hooah!

Although I must say Alan Bestwick is quite  refreshing, and I've always enjoyed Dr. Jerry Punch's silky smoothness and Rick ' O’Doulz DeBruhl           should keep me suitably awake with his snappiness; whilst hangin' on Professor B's (Beekhuis) every word!

Uhm, speaking 'O sleep, I could go for some right now... Having gorged thyself upon Motorsports this past weekend, primarily of the Open Wheel variety, aka Formula 1 and IndyCar whilst getting OUTFOXED by FS1's lack of programming description on my NFB Newsline for The Blind TV Guide telephone service... Since  the 6AM wake-up call was for Naught!

But I did spend several hours listening to Indy Cars via Zed Internetz via the IMS Radio Network, which I'm happy to say worked Bloody Well A-L-L weekend long; WRONG! Up until the crucial bit, thee race; Aye Karumba!

Although I now know my constant interference Problemas I SCREEMED 'bout last year were akin to my then pathetically SLOW Internetz speed, which I finally had increased this year after being unable to listen to Autosport Radio without interference anymore...

As it seems that may be some of my ranting wore off? NOT! As I was pleasantly surprised that I NO longer had to hunt for the un S-E-E able to Mwah Play symbol icon in the middle of the live Timing & Scoring page when I opened IndyCar's "Race Control" webpage.

Except for this inexplicably NOT occurring during the race, when I fumbled away for an overly PAINFUL 45mins trying to figure out where the Play button was hiding now - during caution periods; SHIT!

And the Sound Board Operator seemed to get Dialed-in over the weekend, as the majority of Mark Graveley' James and Jake "The Riddler" Query's calls from Trackside were audible. While Pitlane Reporters Nick 'Salt Yeoman and Dave First came  BOOMIN' IN! Along with enjoying "the Voice," aka Paul Page, and even Davey Hamilton sounded pumped up over the first IndyCar outing.

the only complaint over the "Live Streaming" webcast's was the inconsistency of NOT being able to figure out why I couldn't get any sound for the first Indy Lights  race? (Ditto the IndyCar race!) As every time prior during the IndyCar practices, the show had simply started upon opening the page.

Thus, scurrying 'round Zed Internetz, I got mildly Torqued Off when it took me to Lap-18 of 30 to finally hear Zachery Veach's voice, after searching 'N searching for some miniscule, hidden Play Button; WTF!

As its weird that for the Indy Lights, you've got to find the Radio Broadcast "Strip" and then fumble 'round underneath for the hidden buttons... Which is  what this legally blind Keyboard Warrior had to do for some FREAKIN' 25mins; SHEISA! As this function has changed again this year...

Otherwise, the Race Control page worked fine during IndyCar practice & Qualifying. just really DON'T understand why the difference for the two different racing series? As I prefer the simplicity of just opening the page  and hearing Paul Page's voice without needing to try finding that tiny, somewhat not illuminated Play "Arrow" button...

While I find I-T totally UNEXCUSABLE that the "Radio Broadcast Strip" was totally NOT visually noticeable to Mwah during the IndyCar race, as this is NOT acceptable for a legally blind IndyCar Fan!

As once again I needed to fumble round the page searching for the Radio Broadcast strip Sunday morning (prior to the Indy Lights second race) after the slightly delayed final IndyCar practice, i.e.; morning warm-up session started playing on its own when I was trying to get a Jump Start on the Lights Broadcast at 9:33AM Pacific.

Then Mark Graveley' James said the Lights race broadcast would begin at 9:53AM Pacific, but it took a further ten minutes along with several attempts of clicking the Play arrow symbol before the audio broke in with some Gal's giving the command to fire engines, as I did get to hear the entire second Lights race, but NEVER did S-E-E how to make the Audio play during the IndyCar race itself, and instead soldiered thru the ABC TV Broadcast instead...