Friday, April 17, 2015

Formula 1 Continues Oppressing the Meek while bathing in Bahrain's riches...

Once again, it's time for the semi-controversial Bahrain Grand Prix, which means I don't find any surprise one iota over Amnesty International's latest report noting how brutality towards its citizens is still rampant in the Desert Kingdom of Bahrain...

As this topic isn't new here at No Fenders, having begun my Bahrain GP "sit-out" four years ago now, which is somewhat funny to me that Bahrain follows another politically tolerant NOT! Country, nee China's Grand Prix in Shanghai, not to mention Uncle Bernaughty's latest foray into politically Oppressive countries: Can Y'all say Azerbaijan?

As certainly, every country has its issues, but the bloodlust for Gold over protecting the history of Formula 1's cornerstones, nee France, Germany and Italy to name just  a few is most disturbing. As what's next NO Bloody British Grand Prix?

Whilst F1's current Pied Piper; Err purveyor of  Political Speak, when he's not too busy Wingeing' On 'N On about the opposition having an "Unfair Advantage," Red Bull's Chris Horner will forever indelibly be remembered for his pathetic claims of Formula 1 just being a Sport DAMN I-T Jim, I'm NOT a (Spin) Doctor, I'm just a Team Principal; Hooah!

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