Friday, April 4, 2014

F1: Bahrain's Madness continues...

So once again Uncle Bernaughty and his F1 Circus are off to Bahrain - this time for another night race, which seems like a bad idea, as hopefully the cover of nightfall won't lead to more violence?

As what now is tradition here at No Fenders, denoting the Third Annual Race Weekend Protest - I'll once again be BOYCOTTING the race in its entirety, since I'm NOT impressed one iota over the ruthless, oppressive violence being carried out upon its civilians by the Kingdom's Police Force! Which I've scribbled previously in;

And whilst I certainly do not think my own government is ideal, especially when it comes to torture and Water boarding, but I found the following interview very informative - coming directly from the lips of one of the Kingdom's oppressed citizens...

And then there's this article about the never ending Police Brutality upon the citizens of Bahrain - which utilize excessive force on a daily basis!

While lastly is the not  so encouraging news over Messer Ecclestone latest choice of Grand Prix venues; NOT to mention the cash infusion being doled out to "HMS Monogram Flavour Flav" (Flavio Briatore) for his greasing the skid's for Ecclestone incursion into Azerbaijan. Since reportedly Azerbaijan is way down upon Transparency International's projection of most corrupted countries, with the former Soviet Republic ranking 127 out of 177 candidates! But guess what? They've got what sounds like an overly oppressive regime in charge themselves; Hmm? Guess Bernie will do anything for a buck, eh?