Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bahrain - A New Infamy?

It’s interesting how the world works... As originally I wasn’t really aware of the fact that today would mark the 70th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor - A Day of Infamy... Which I was quickly reminded of when shopping in Kona and the free coffee mug I was given as part of my purchase just so happened to be a 70th Anniversary commemoration mug...

As we’ve learned over the years, the Japanese made a surprise attack upon the naval forces stationed at Pearl Harbor - reeking unbelievable destruction upon Battleship row and the surrounding Air bases, most notably Hickam Field, with the first wave of Japanese warplanes inbound at 7:55AM in what forever sticks in my memory banks as Tora-Tora-Tora.

Continuing on with this somewhat nebulous symbiotic theme, I find it most interesting that I’m just discovering now how Hawaii was actually “appropriated” from the Island’s Monarchy some 103 years ago when a Committee of Safety called upon a US Marines battalion to come ashore and essentially assist the overthrowing of Queen Liliuokalani who was trying to take back her rightful Monarchy from the Sugar Barons and the tidal wave of Western occupation; protesting what was then known as the Bayonet Constitution...

As I’ve learned a smigen ‘bout in a recent interview with Julia Flynn Siler on NPR’s On Point interview regarding her new book titled: Lost Kingdom: Hawaii's Last Queen, the Sugar Kings, and America's First Imperial Adventure.

This land grab over a century ago was primarily edicted upon the islands strategic location of being halfway between the United States West Coast and Asia, primarily the Philippines and was ideal for replenishing warships coal bunkers for the long haul transoceanic voyages.

Meanwhile in a desert region on the opposite side of the world, whale at least for Mwah - since I’m firmly affixed upon the ‘Left Coast, there’s currently another Island Kingdom witnessing a war of sorts, more likely a revolution, perhaps? As this tiny Island Nation in the Persian Gulf, approximately 3.5-times the size of Washington DC is known as Bahrain, made up of 33 Islands, with its capital being Manama.

And if you’ve bothered reading this tiny ‘lil Blog thingy, then you’ll most likely know how I’m opposed to the Government’s brutal crackdown upon its citizens trying to protest the Kingdom’s regime which has resorted in Police brutality, numerous deaths and imprisonment of locals, including Doctors, Nurses and other Medical personnel, i.e.; Ambulance Drivers, etc.

Ironically, the US 5th Fleet currently resides on the southern portion of the Island along with a Marines base, as part of the Gulf’s protectionary forces - not to mention that Manama is linked to Saudi Arabia via a causeway, which was used to import Saudi Security forces to help quell Bahrain’s populous uprising this past February-March; of which the Kingdom’s rulers and police forces have just been harshly criticized in the BICI report issued on November 23rd, which notes that 46 civilians were killed during this period of civilian protesting.

Yet perhaps it’s just Mwah? But I found myself immediately thinking of another Mesopotamia upon reading the highlighted portions of the report. Can you say Iraq? As the nefarious practices outlined by the King’s men, aka police simply make me conjure up images of the US’s Occupation of Iraq, (NOT to mention Afghanistan...) with the only thing missing being another Abu Graves prison scene. (Or Jerry Sandusky at Penn State? Which pales in comparison...)

Thus why all of this chatter ‘bout Bahrain? Well in case you’re unawares, for what I suspect is primarily driven by copious amounts ‘O Dinero, ultimately filtering into Uncle Bernaughty’s pockets and Family Trust... FIA and the WMSC have reinstated the Bahrain Grand Prix for 2012, which still seems like a very unwise move to your humble scribe - who has already stated he will NOT support in any way...

And all of this comes on the heels of what appears to be escalating unrest (violence) in the region, as Y’all may heard that a bomb was recently exploded on a Minivan parked nearby the British Embassy in Manama, which neatly(?) coincides with the British Embassy being ransacked in Iran following further sanctions place against them... As the Brits seem to be coming under the spotlight, including some Dow Chemical Olympic stadium wrap issue. Can you say Bhopal?

Hmm? Didn’t we just have the inaugural Indian GP? And surely the show must GO on in Bahrain, right? And around the Globe, in Russia, Korea and all points in-between.

Thus it appears that may be the world really hasn’t changed that much since seventy years ago? Instead, just having shifted its Theatre of Operations...