Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hey IndyCar; All I Want for Christmas...

Hmm? Let’s see, a permanent road course venue already built. A rich tradition of Open Wheel racing history. Devoted Fans who return yearly, provided a GOOD Show is put on, and I’m sure lots of open dates upon its track calendar, eh?

Hmm? Wunder where it could be? Perhaps somewheres in the Pacific Northwest? In the shadow of Mount Bachelor? In some Granola chewing, Wind Surfing, Tree Hugging Mecca? Perhaps a track where il Lione, aka BLOODY ‘NIGE (Mansell) once mused ‘bout looking at thee mountain whilst pounding the East end horseshoe kerbing...

And GROAN!!! As Y’all Ovalheads mash your teeths over another DAMN Twisty track crowdin’ out your beLUVed Ovals... But, since Indy Cars reputedly in desperation of another race event to get itself up to its contractual 16-race schedule... Can Y’all say Portland? As in Portland Int’l Raceway or whatever it’s called now? Although it may be a tad bit too HOT for a race ‘Thar in July! As it was 102deg-f during a past ALMS event there... And I hugely doubt it’ll get its traditional Father’s Day date back anytime soon, right? But Hey Santa! If not in ’12, then how ‘bout in 2013 in cahoots with Sears Point or Phoenix, eh?

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