Friday, December 16, 2011

Sarah Fisher & Co making Big Offseason Moves!

First of all, I found myself overly ‘JAZZED ‘bout the recent announcement that not only was Sarah Fisher Racing returning in 2012; BUT! They were coming into the new 2012 Body-by-Mennen, Err Dallara Aerokit era with guns ablazin... Having signed the 2011 Indy Lights Champion Joseph Newgarden to a three-year deal; CRIKEYS! As I was so pumped that I immediately predicted the Nashvillian would become the R.O.Y. (Rookie of the Year) for 2012! Without even knowing if he’s guaranteed a Full-season ride? To which I was immediately lambasted about! Although I’m guessing that”Symone Pagenoe” (Simon Pagenaud) may have something to say ‘bout this, eh?

Anyways, way to GO Sarah, Andy and your new ‘Offical Pardner Wink! (SFHR) As I concur with thee OLDEST IndyCar Blogger on the planet; Hya! Geo. Phillips assessment of this being a bonafied STEAL!

Meanwhile, in case Y’all haven’t noticed? SFR has added another letter from the Alphabet to its name, now going under the banner SFHR - as in Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing... As Willis E. “Wink” Hartman, of Hartman Oil - reputedly the guiding financial force behind saving Sarah’s sponsor less 2008 Indy 500 campaign, when proposed sponsor ReeseQ never quite got ‘round to putting the check in the mail... Not to mention the donor of a brand spankin’ new ’09 Dallara chassis so Sarah could have an adequate backup racecar... Has now become an Official partner of Sarah Fisher Racing, hence the name change to SFHR from now on; although I’ll have a hard time doing this - since it’ll always be SFR to Mwah...

Then on top of the new Race Team name, word comes once again from the Dom ‘O Indy Car Bloggers... That’s Mr. Pressdog to uze Danny; Hya! Has just thrown out the following gem regarding how SFHR will become a new “Anchor” tenant on Main Street in Speedway, Indiana. As the Speedway Redevelopment Commission (SRC) has announced jointly that SFHR will build a brand new race shop in Speedway, with plans to relocate by September, 2012.

Hmm? Perhaps they’ll be building upon that mysterious U7 Spy Shot ‘Offical No Fenders Photographer ‘CARPETS spotted back in July, eh?