Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Go Daddy - Make My Day!

Seein’ that this is the MOST powerful Dallara in exsistance...
As in the Dallara DW12...
And if properly Driven
Can break the Flyin’ Dutchman’s
Speed records at Indy!

Whales, you’ve gotta ask yourself (Mr. Bernard)
Whale Dooze Yuh feel Lucky?
As I’ve gotta tells Yuh, in all of this excitement
Over who’ll be drivin’ your number seven
I’ve lost track of who’ll all of your drivers will be?
Will it be three cars or four?
Will it be BULLY BOY
(Hunter-Reay) or ‘Sommebody else???

Whale do you feel ‘RUCKY Mikey?
Dooze Yuh?
Hmm? Just had the wild Hair notion of  perhaps Go Daddy would like to see Kurt ‘F-BOMBS R-US Busch as Danicker’s replacement, eh?