Friday, December 23, 2011

Three Speed-Boosting Upgrades to Consider

If you’re looking for different methods to significantly boost the overall speed of your vehicle, and want to avoid the costly purchase of a brand new car capable of reaching higher overall speeds based only on its manufacturer-installed equipment, then you’ll need to use some aftermarket automotive upgrades to make up for the power difference.  Below, we’ll cover different materials you can use to modify your automobile so that it can reach higher top speeds with greater ease, so that you can utilize those materials most likely to show a performance boost in your car.  That way, regardless of what components you end up utilizing, you’ll end up seeing upgraded results whether you spent less than a hundred dollars or more than a thousand.

Performance Chips
For those vehicle owners who have very tight budgets and don’t have any extra money just sitting around to pay for professional part installation, installing aftermarket performance chips are inexpensive and easy-to-install alternatives to many other more complex upgrades.  Automotive performance chips remap the vehicle’s ECU so that it responds more effectively to different readings received, resulting in closed performance gaps.  The right ECU chip add-on can result in up to 60 additional horsepower in your car’s engine output, not to mention up to 4-7mpg in fuel savings over time for improved fuel efficiency.  Not bad for a chip that often costs under a hundred bucks and usually takes less than a half an hour to install!

Hood Replacements
If you’d prefer to replace an existing part rather than install something new that wasn’t initially included with your vehicle, considering replacing your vehicle’s stock hood.  Manufacturer-installed hoods tend to be considerably heavier than they need to be, and the extra weight puts a greater strain on your vehicle’s engine.  By replacing the stock hood with a lightweight hood alternative, such as a fiberglass hood or carbon fiber hood, you can cut down on the overall weight of your vehicle, thereby reducing engine strain and providing for greater engine power.  Go with a fiberglass hood for the most lightweight option, but choose carbon fiber instead if you want one that’s lightweight but also more durable than fiberglass.

If you have plenty of extra money to spare and aren’t concerned one bit about your finances, you should look into the logistics of installing a turbocharger in your vehicle.  Turbochargers can provide up to hundreds of additional horsepower, and like performance chips, they are also quite efficient by design as well.  Turbo kits can be expensive, prohibitively so for some, but utilizing one will certainly give your vehicle the most dramatic improvement in terms of overall horsepower gains...