Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Perfect Storm - Really Indy Car?

FUCK! That OVER-used catch-phrase is really beginning to PISS ME OFF!

You mean The Perfect Storm as in a Tempest in a Teapot? C’mon INDYCAR! Dan Wheldon deserves BETTER than that!!! As have Y’all noticed how almost every Media report includes the careful wording of how the number of Cars competing; the Pack-racing; the Oval Track’s configuration and Go Daddy $5.0 million Prize had NOTHING to do with Wheldon’s totally UNNECESSARY Death - to which all I can say is BULLSHIT!!!

While I appreciate the fact that we now actually have some factual data explaining what caused the irrepressible ‘Brit’s death - which Gee Wally! Uh Duh; a massive blunt force trauma... Of trying to stop a moving object hurtling 325-feet airborne while decelerating from 224mph to 165mph in a scant 2.4-seconds into an UN-moveable object, i.e.; the tracks catch fencing... Well, obviously we know the outcome... As I knew it was bad as soon as I heard ‘Ol ‘PT’s post accident interview...

But what I still do not understand is: How did the catch fencing strike Wheldon in the head? As Gordon Kirby’s story notes:

“The chassis impacted a post along the right side of the tub,” said Indy Car’s operations chief Brian Barnhart. “That created a deep defect in the tub that extended from the pedal bulkhead along the upper border of the tub and through the cockpit. The pole intruded in the cockpit and made contact with the driver’s helmet and head...”

Does that imply that the tip of the catch fence speared Wheldon’s hurtling Dallara racecar? Or was it just a vicious side impact? As there seems to be infinite conjecture over Los Vegas Motor Speedway’s catch fencing design/installation - to which I’d agree it really DON’T matter which side the posts are on during such a high speed impact! As I’d not only say the fencing did its intended job; but! IndyCar’s DAMN FREAKIN’ LUCKY that NO Spectator’s were seriously or fatally injured!

But C’mon Indy Car; you’re doing a HUGE disservice to Dan Wheldon’s death by simply trying to sweep it under the rug... As isn’t it a tad bit late for Brian Barnhart to be telling us after the fact that IndyCar is forming a committee to study the viability of racing on high-banked ovals in the future.”

Barnhart said each track must be evaluated separately because the overall track geometry varies from track to track...”
WTF? As I still recall Robin Miller’s most prophetic words - regarding ex-CART/IRL Driver Adrian Fernandez claiming he’d never seen so many drivers looking scared before the start of the race...

As let’s call a Spade A Spade here... IndyCar spent nearly one whole year trying to come up with an unheard of spectale for its Season Finale race - intended to totally Blow-up the typically dismal Homestead ratings. Izod Indy Car Series CEO Randy Bernard personally pulled out ALL the stops to personally promote the race with PT Barnum-like antics; first with his NON-Indy Car driver challenge; Chirp-Chirp! And when that FAILED, he was HELL bent to NOT be denied and concocted the Dan Wheldon who’s-Your-Daddy Celebrity Match Race... So you asked for the Perfect Storm and guess what happened?

As I sincerely hope that the Indianapolis Star - who’s online story by Curt Cavin includes the words BUY IMAGE associated with the photographs of Randy Bernard and Brian Barnhart isn’t keeping a single ‘BLOODY Red-cent and instead, is donating 100% of these proceeds to the Dan Wheldon Memorial Trust Fund...

R.I.P. Dan Wheldon!