Friday, April 4, 2014

Can You Hear Me Now Formula 1?

So Y'all knew I-T was coming... Especially since any Hardcore F1 Aficionado will tell Yuhs that Formula 1 is A-L-L 'bout the NOISE! And the speed, technology and glitz 'N glamour, and thus, I really didn't find Seb' Vettel's latest statement 'bout the cars  sounding like SHIT that surprising.

As Vettel is just the latest of many to rain upon F1's parade, as retiring 'Aussie GP chief Ron Walker  has been overly critical to date, along with Formula 1's Supremo Bernard Ecclestone Huffing 'N Puffing mightily 'bout how BAD the new F1 turbo era cars sound.

And although I'm not the first to suggest this, but; isn't it ironic how Ron Walker is known for being a longtime ally (and minion) of Uncle Bernaughty's, whilst Vettel is known as being good friends with Ecclestone, as the chummy German world champion driver reportedly let's his elder win at their Backgammon games... So could this be some sort of orchestrated attack upon Formula 1 in order to diffuse attention away from the F1 Supremo awaiting criminal charges in Germany this summer...

On a technical side note, I'm pretty sure there's a reason the original IRL cars were called Crapwagon's, right? As I recall them sounding horrible, especially the Nissan's. Whilst if my memory's correct, the most HORRIFIC sounding cars of the entire 2006 USGP weekend at Mother Speedway were the Indy Pro Series chassis, both of which were subsequently tweaked to not sound so offending...

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