Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Subway Dough secret to Carl Edwards Elasticity?

The famous No. 99 Carl edwards "Taxi Cab." (Image source: usastockcar.co.uk)
Ever wonder what gives 'RASSCAR driver Carl Edwards the ability to make his trademark flips off of his No. 99 Feurd' Fusion? Yuhs know when he sticks his double gainer and lands upon his feet, although I haven't witnessed him doing this forever...

Well I think I learned part of his secret when down in Arizona this past February, where I was dismayed to be informed that Subway, the relentless purveyors of "Eat Fresh" were secretly injecting their subway buns with PLASTIC; WTF INDEED!

As I'd been suspect 'bout Subway ever since reading one of JP's - NOT Johnny Parson's stories on JP's IndyCar Blog revealing that Subway's meats were NOT fresh, but some sort of maligned presto-logs instead; YIKES!

But the kicker  for Mwah, was the disturbing news that Subway, along with the majority of our other fine Fast Food restaurants, i.e.; McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, etc also use the ingredient described simply as Yoga mat glue, or more exactly as the cancer causing chemical  azodicarbonamide; SHEISA!

And thus as Subway continues gleefully blasting us with its nonstop torrent  of "Eat Fresh" commercials, I for one, have ceased my patronage of Subway! And NO! This AIN'T NO April Fool's Joke...