Friday, April 17, 2015

Cheeps' South American Competitors...

Read a good  story 'bout 'TK Follow-your-Schnoz! Kanaan's life lessons in a recent Q&A published by IndyStar - where Kanaan relates about growing up fast at age 13 after his father died from cancer.

Meanwhile, while Oriel Servia's announcement as Graham Rahal's team-mate at Indianapolis this May comes as no surprise, I do find Ganassi's addition of S-squared, aka Sebastian Saavedra  a trifle baffling... As can't recall the 24yr old  Columbian exactly setting the IndyCar world alight in past seasons, not to mention Cheep' adding a fifth car at Mother Speedway.

Yet surely the move was known internally, with Saavedra  set to take over the No. 8 this weekend at Long Beach plus Sonoma, along with his Month of May duties, and perhaps, just perhaps this is partially why current No. 8 driver Sage Karam was pushing so hard at Nola Motorsports Park  last weekend?

And further wildly speculating, could Saavedra  be  auditioning for further seat time at Ganassi whenever TK decides to pack it in from  IndyCar racing? After all,  who'd ever thunk that Kanaan would become the sport's elder statesman,  as Tony turns 41 on December 31.

As Cheep' had another pretty good Columbian driver previously, somebody named Juan Pablo Montoya! Or is it just insurance in case Karam doesn't pan out? Or most likely just filling in with apparently needed sponsorship funding. Y'all make the Call...