Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Today's Date got me thinking 'bout that 'Ol Taxman Song by Y'all know who... Which in turn made me recall a glorious 'lil piece I'd scribbled before in honour 'O thy day; Hooah!

And whilst it's a long time ago that 'HULIO was Dancin' his way outta Federal Courtroom, and the mighty Ross Brawn's "BeeGee" (BG001) was Dancin' its way to thee 'Twenty-oh-Nine Formula 1 world championship... Nonetheless, "Guido-duh-Dutchman" (Giedo Van der Garde) was making waves of his own earlier this year, which careful Monsieur 'VandyGarde; Ahem, I'm sure there's Revenuers' around the globe; Hya! As strange Dazes indeed...

Although it AIn'T really that strange, eh? Just a scorned Dutchie' having his revenge upon a Formula 1 team that screwed him monetarily!

Whilst what could be better than hearing 'Ol Georgie H croonin' that iconic Beatles song simply known as...

VIDEO: Taxman