Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Seedier Side of Formula 1

Is I-T still thy Pinnacle 'O Motorsports? When a bunch of conniving financial Head Hunters are making their Golden Goose work overtime to lay more Faberge Eggs? And their Head Honcho is an Octogenarian who paid the German Government $100m to keep from possibly going to jail over  Bribery Charges; Mmm, Mmm, Sprinkles!

What the fuck is wrong with CVC, FOM,Bernie, the lot of them?

Not to mention the FIA's current speechless leader sending his right hand Medical Delegate in trench coat and fedora to Belgium to have a certain ex-FIA Medical Delegate with the audacity to post his own, public views upon Formula 1 FIRED! As how dare you Mr. Hartstein discuss openly your personal thoughts about Herr Schumacher's condition, Ja Volt!

Then again, maybe, just may be Gerard Saillant was just dropping by to see what condition his condition  was in; Oh Never Mind!

Todt & Saillant: le dénouementpart 2