Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Its almost GO time!

For those of Yuhs who've been waiting patiently for Formula 1 racing to commence this year, your wait is almost over... And since we're beginning the season Down Under in Oz, Y'all may wish to check your local listings since it'll most likely be on the 'Telie a day earlier, since after all Australia is a Bloody far way south; Hya! As I've even now seen my first commercial for the Australian Grand Prix LIVE on Saturday night on NBCSN! (10+ Days ahead of the event) Which of course means that the F1 Qualie' must be on Friday Stateside, eh?

As my TV Guide sez' that the season's first televised Free-Practice (FP2) airs upon NBC Sports Network tomorrow at 6:30PM PACIFIC; since after all I get tired of living on East Coast time...

NBCSN: Thurs, 3/13
5:30PM: Sebastian Vettel: On Road and On Track
6:00PM: Countdown to F1
6:30PM: F1 Practice-1 (1.5-hours)
8:00PM: Road to Ferrari
9:00PM: Horsepower
10:00PM: Sebastian Vettel: On Road and On Track (Replay)
10:30PM: F1 Practice-2 (1.5hrs)

And as ALWAYS! Check your local listings for correct times, dates, etc...

Otay, let's light 'em up; as Yeah, those funny soundin' muted V-6 turbo's really are Formula 1 racing cars!