Friday, March 28, 2014

An interesting thought...

So I must admit that I've become most consumed over  the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, especially since I cannot fathom how a multi-ton Aeroplane can simply vanish!

Thus it's interesting to Mwah, that upon the very same day I read 'bout how the Chinese could possibly be using the search for MH370 for their own political gains... I bothered to check thy 'Wee Willie Buxom's (will Buxton) blog and Shuhzamm! There was a current post about the noise being made over the Formula 1 circus giving grieving family members "the Boot!" Over the hotel  rooms they were using - in order to make way for the F1 teams - to which all I can say is, that Will's got a valid point. While I suppose it's also  sensible for PETRONAS to have cancelled the after-race concert...

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