Wednesday, March 12, 2014

2014 F1 Car Launch: Lotus late to the Party, but hopes radical Double Nose E22 fits the bill...

Lotuses Romain Grosjean On-track during Bahrain's first winter test. (Image source:
Although Lotus was one of the first F1 Constructors to reveal some slick computer rendered images of its forthcoming E22, the Enstone-based outfit elected to skip the season's first winter test in Jerez before finally breaking cover publicly in Bahrain on Feb 19th at the start of the season's second winter testing session after having run privately in Jerez doing its "Publicity" filming work where 100-kilometers per day are allowed...

View of Lotuses E22's highly controversial "Double Tusk" front nose design. (Image source:
And whilst the E22's 'Schnoz has been all the rage - with rival teams asking for clarification from the FIA's Charlie Whiting, nonetheless he's ruled that the double tusk design is legal, so move along Yuhs 'lil Dawgies, there's nothin' to see here; kapishe!

FIA's Whiting says Lotus's nose legal

While the E22 'Schnozes philosophy is described in the following article below, nevertheless Y'all must ponder whether this unique design solution will work or be a dud? As it apparently caused delays in passing the mandatory crash tests and I have to wonder if this will be another bust like the Lotus; Err Renault R31's "Flamethrower" front facing exhaust or whether the rest of the grid will be scrambling to redesign their 'Schnozes?

Team: Lotus
Chassis: E22
Engine: Renault

8) Romain Grosjean
13) Pastor Maldonado